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  1. When I log into a game xvm colours are activated and during count down all is fine, once, however the battle begins all players on my side drop back one colour eg: if they are green they may turn yellow, blue turns to green etc. Only on my team the opposition stay as normal. If I hit my tab key the panel pops up and our original colours are shown. THis is happening to number of peple I know, but we haven't a clue whats happened it has only just started in recent weeks. I don't use any mod panels.
  2. Session Stats by Tominik don't work when I switch over from the SEA server to the Australian (ANZAC) server......it's works again and registers the game when I switch back.... any ideas what might be the cause.....seemed to work ok before patch 1.5.1 Cheers Shane
  3. Anybody tell me which mod this is????
  4. ........ I had a slight improvement too with game play when my FPS increased....seemed to hit my target a lot more consistently........... although I am still a crappy player
  5. I never used it either, but there was an update which turned it on I guess..... all good.....
  6. Found the issue it was Malewarebytes program it recently had a big update, put Aslains in exclusion list no problems now ....thanks for the suggestion really great forum......
  7. I will try that.....never been an issue, but I am happy to give it a whirl....................
  8. Sorry if I started a new thread on a similar theme, however mine is slightly different when ever I try to install 9.19#32 I keep getting this type of message......I can only choose ignore for the installation to continue which isn't ideal. If I try to delete the whole file or folder for a complete new re-install I get this message about not having permission.....I am the administrator and never had any issues before when manually deleting files from the mod pack....can you please help me?
  9. It can be a juggle......I still muck around with it......... happy gaming
  10. I got the same warning warning but cannot delete it because it's say I don't have administrator access........I am the administrator. Anybody got some advice for me please
  11. Get rid of the aim circle and only use the one within Harpoon.....also your FPS is 22....In my opinion and I am no expert it seems to me you have far too many mods activated ....Your screen looks too crowded....just a thought....
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