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  1. That was it, thanks very much!
  2. I got a new computer as my old one was dying slowly. I reloaded the mod pack but in 3 instals can't get the stat record to work at all. Wen I click the little megaphone (lower right corner) I no longer get the stats of my previous battles. All I get is the vanilla listings. I must have done something wrong or left something unchecked, can anyone shed some light on it for me? I am current as of today's update.
  3. Downloaded and installed today's newest version (11/29/2018 as of 1100 hours central time US). Game locks on loading. Error message indicates wot client not responding. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. I have tried installing the mods twice today and get the same results. The loader UP! is missing. I tried two versions but no sound other than vanilla, On log in I don't get the player list prior to battle page. Only when the countdown starts. The mini map mods are also not showing up, only the vanilla mini map. On the second install I did get the minimal hanger. After the second install I could not get the game to load until I went into the game files and deleted the Aslain's mod pack folder. Then the game loaded but with the above items.
  5. Thanks for that info. That is what I meant when I mentioned location. Since there is no indicator that the words "direct" were anything different than the download link I had no idea that they went to different locations.
  6. If by alternatives you mean another site we can use to download, a location would be far more helpful than just saying the word alternatives. Right now ALL of the sites on the aslain's page are blocked to me and again this is new today.
  7. Have had avast and been using Aslain's for well over year. This is the first time it has come up with this.
  8. Just got a phishing scam alert from my AVAST virus software trying to download the WOT update today on all download locations. The alert was for phishing . URL. The download was blocked on every one of the download sites I tried.
  9. Loader up sound selected on install but does not function in game. In game sounds set up to allow crew sound , including ambient sounds. Tried various loads of MOD pack including the last one I saw today. Still no loader up. Really miss that since I am an old tank veteran and that adds some realism for me. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. Having the same issue. Yesterday was especially bad during the daytime (US Central time) with about 1 in 3 games with partial or no XVM data during the battle. Logging out and back in had no effect.
  11. There seems to be no loaders voice with the "up" indicating the round is loaded. It was in the pack before the last WOT update.
  12. My loader is back, thank you very very much!!!
  13. By reload sounds,. do you mean the loader saying up, or just the sounds of the round scraping and breach closing? Sorry to be picky, just trying to understand. I really really miss my loader!
  14. My mod pack is working fine with one exception. Prior to the 9.17.1 release I had a voice mod that indicated my gun was loaded. The loader shouted UP! as the gun was ready to fire. Since I was a real tanker this was a wonderful event and mimics real life and that is exactly what happens in a real American tank. The announcement of up was the loader telling the entire crew the gun was loaded and ready to fire with the safety off. In the last mod pack installment (24 Feb) this is missing from the voice mods. Is it possible to get this back? I know the vanilla version does not have this even though they do provide a gun loaded sound (round sliding into the chamber and breech clanging shut) but this gets lost in the other sounds of the tank engine and other activities going on in combat. Please give me back my loader.
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