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  1. Kokilo

    Arty aim is bugged

    No, the problem still exist despite removing the final shot mod. The arty aim is not working (only 4 white dots in upper left corner), and white aim is not working on other tanks because it looks like the standard aim.
  2. Hi, Arty aim is bugged because I can see only 4 dots in the upper-left corner, the rest of the aim circle is not visible. On another tanks, aim is working properly even though it is not white but standard. I chose white aim in the modpack. There is a strange thing. When I went to reply to make a screen shot, the aim was working properly showing the complete aim circle with the white dashed aim. But the aim is not working properly on live server in randoms and advance games. Cheers, AM Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Kokilo

    white crosshair, old aim

    Hi, I would appreciate :-) White standard crosshair old improved (legal) auto aim. The current AA thing many time snaps a wrong target and I have more problems than utility with it. replays manager Keep up with good work ;-)
  4. Kokilo

    AutoAim helper

    Is it possible to get back old Aim that came as legal immediately after the change of policy? With this new AA thing (came in January?) I have more problems than utility
  5. Kokilo

    Replay Manager and Sixth Sense Shark Icon

    + for reply manager
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