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  1. Clan Icons for your new update are uploading EU and not NA sir, can you look at it please....thanks
  2. Exiles is back: A division in the Exiled Gaming Community Exiles is looking for competitive, active, TS using personnel Requirements: 1. Have at least a 1000 recent W8 2. Use TS while in game 3. Contribute to help the clan grow and succeed 4. 3-4 nights a week activity 5. Have at least 2 Tier 10 metas for Clan Wars Hop on TS come talk to us about a bright future TS: WG Clan Page: https://na.wargaming.net/clans/wot/1000021019/ Clan Forums: https://www.exiles1.com/ Hope to see you soon
  3. Good Morning, How often do they update clan icons, we changed our clan name with new icons, so just curious when the next update would be, last one was in may.
  4. Stop on in, yes we're new, but who doesn't love that new car smell
  5. Battleforce Of Legendary Titan Destroyers BOLTD a division of the BOLT Gaming Society We are a new clan who are looking for social to competitive shipmates We are looking for shipmates who want to have fun in a fun environment We would like all new members to at least have a tier 6 or higher We have TS for all your fun filled needs info: Visit us on our website @ https://www.boltsgaming.com/ We are looking for Officers who know the game and want to help a new fleet grow Come talk to us on TS Happy Hunting Shipmates
  6. Clan Closed
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