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  1. i have the same problem... Using the same crosshair: J1mB0 v1 and spg sight: Damocles It works fine with crosshair: J1mB0 v2 and spg sight: Damocles
  2. Deleting the hitlog files fixed the problem for one battle... The problem returned for the second battle!!! I deleted the hitlog files 3 times. Corrects it for one battle then returns. If I delete the log file again, then when it creates the new one and it's working, could I set the "regular.dat" file to Read Only" ??? Will that work.
  3. Thanks... Both problems solved with your suggestions.
  4. I'm using version #1 (detailed header + normal numbers) Hitlog, draggable with mouse is checked. If I have any size Player Panel open, the hitlog is hidden. Closing the Player Panels the Hitlog displays all the way to the left edge of my screen. I tried dragging the Hitlog with my mouse, but it wont move. My Hitlog was always just to the right of my Player Panel. (see images 1 & 2) Also... How do I remove the default Roman numbers from behind Your Contour icons in the Players Panel? (see image 3) Thanks Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. If I install the Replay Manager it prevents the game from loading, it hangs at the intro movie screen. Also the game will not close unless you Alt-Ctrl-Delete and end wot process. I un-select the Replay Manager and keep all the other mods I use and the game loads and exits fine. _Aslains_Installer.log python.log
  6. I have been using this clock since 7.2 and prefer it to the one thats in your mod pack. (It's always nice to have a choice!) I have tested it with 9.2 and it works fine. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/125488-091-clock-in-hangar-battle-angles-24/#topmost This mod provides a clock in garage and battle. It also enables a convenient angle indicators for tanks, tds and artillery. Thanks... Clock Angle Indicator
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