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  1. Hy guys... a short question.. i saw it in a stream and what makes this mod ???? i mean the 3 circles in red,green and yellow ? Thx a lot
  2. HI, anybody knows the reason why this happen ? I also have this problem somethimes... Is there a soluton ? thx a lot for ur work
  3. Hi woooow okay thanks.... i will try it tomorrow! So it only works for the new Chapter of Personal Missions right ? (The exalibur etc.) For stugIV T28 Concept etc (the Missions i am now) we didnt‘t see the mission helper in the Game ? Strange but okay... so i know why thx a lot my friend ... really !
  4. Same here.... u find the Reason ??? I tried everything
  5. Hyyyyy guys, short question... i like your work really but i have a problem i didn‘t see the three icons ingame for Personal Mission help. I Hope u now what i mean. It‘s the three icons in the mittle obove the screen.... it show u the progress for the stug 4 Missionar for example.. but i didnt have it! In the options box Tinos enabled ! Maybe u can help?????? thx a lot
  6. Hello, anybody knows if the resercher (experiene tank need/fast Training info) comes back in the patch ? nice dears gus
  7. no no Aslain ... We (I) have to say thx !!!!! great job what u are doing really !
  8. Hello here is the File i hope it will help to see the problem ..... it's in the battle... i send u a photo too. When i aktivate the names and not the tanks i don't have the problem... maybe u can fix this ? Cause it's better to see the tanks Thx a lot Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Hi okay hör i make a logfile ????? I Never make this before a screenshot is Not a way ? Dear gus
  10. hi there.. i have a little problem... when i install ur patch i have the numbers of kills in the flags symbol in the game... can i do something to change this ?? In promod the flag is near the name of the player/tank thx a lot
  11. Yes..... But i dont install this new button ? Is this from aslain ? I Never saw it before and is there a Option to delete this button (when i install the patch is there a Box to uncheck it) ? thx a lot
  12. Hi guys... maybe u can help me ? I habe a new button in the Garage nearly my notifactionbutton. It's called Mods Modifcation ... ! Could anybody told me where the Button come from ? Thx a lot dears gus
  13. Hi there, okay fine thx..... and yes i looked very exaxtly maybe it works better with the last option "activate client flags" ??? I try it but the probleme there is, that the position of the flags are at the same position of the Kills. So u cant see really how many kills u have. But thx for this great work and i hope u will make this when there is time.. thx a lot !
  14. Hy guys again, The patch is really perfect but i missing onw thing. The option with the names and the countryflags (player panel - middle box) is included BUT (there is no MB for the install) and it don't works in the game. (there are no flags).. when i click the special option "show flags" then it works BUT the problem is, that u dont see the number of shoots because the flags are at the same position. so maybe u can help me again and sorry for my bad school englisch.... ist a alooooooong time ago thx a lot
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