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  1. That makes sense. Thanks for taking a look 🙂
  2. This mod is still not working all the time. Can't really tell what's triggering it. Some matches its working, others it's not. Logs attached Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. Same here. None of the Direct download links appear to do anything
  4. The reload "Timer" on the Destroyer crosshair is not working as intended since the removal of battleCrosshairsApp.swf. Instead of the clock-face graphic filling in the full 360 degrees, it's only filling in a small fraction. For example, an 8 second reload time the clock face is only filling in like a stopwatch arm would travel to the 8 second mark on the clock face, and no more. Hope that makes sense.
  5. Hi, In the latest update PMOD Zoom is not working. Specifically I use the 2-4-6-8-10-12-16-20-30 variant. Since the update I just get the vanilla zoom steps Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Yep. After some further troubleshooting, including removing your pack entirely and installing just XVM, it seems to be an issue with XVM itself. I've raised a bug report with them. Thanks for narrowing it down for me.
  7. Since was released any XVM related mods have stopped working :- Carousel XVM Minimap etc If I go back to version Everything works fine I've taken all the steps listed in the how to post a bug thread :- Checked file integrity. Removed and re-downloaded Mod files. Tested without Mods. Additionally I've done my own troubleshooting. Disabled Avast antivirus. Added exceptions for WoT and the XVM sites. None of which has any effect on the newer version of the modpack. So I don't think its Antivirus messi
  8. I'm having the same issue which appeared a couple of versions ago and then disappeared.
  9. Happy to report after updating to latest version of Aslains the issue has disappeared
  10. I'm having the same issue after updating on the EU server.
  11. If you mean playing in safe mode. 6th Sense seems to work fine with no mods.
  12. I see the previous thread has been closed. Though my sixth sense sound is still playing slow. I use the Sauron icon and Predator sound. Sometimes it plays in sync. Other times its 10 seconds, or more, late playing sound. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. When I first fire up WoT and play my first game of the day, the zoom is 4x. If I tap out of zoom and straight back, its at 12x until I change it. Any game after that it defaults to 12x
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