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  1. Using the new ship management mod for signals, I can no longer access the "save/load" signals feature that used to be available in the port screen using the prior version of carousel extended. I actually have to go to the exterior tab (kind of defeating the purpose of having everything show on the port screen) if I want to continue to use the "save/load" signals function. This is not an improvement IMO...
  2. Not an option in the most recent release (#17). Wondering if it is gone or just an oversight?
  3. oh, the mxcamo actually stopped working a few mod versions ago...I think it stopped working sometime near the end of WoWs version 10.1 Sorry I didn't report it sooner...I thought it might get fixed somehow when 10.2 was released I am using the Steam launcher version of WoWs
  4. On the carousel extended mod, if I click on the signals, it shows me camos instead Also, mxcamo isn't working. No values are showing on the camos. Logs attached
  5. Cool, thanks! I've sent you two donations already...with more to come...I hope OTHERS ARE SENDING YOU DONATIONS AS THEY SHOULD FOR ALL THE GREAT WORK YOU DO!
  6. From what I'm told, it's in the official WG modstation pack (screenshot attached). Sone_mg on twitch uses these and I really like the way they look. The closest I can come using Aslain is when I choose "shells & tracers by atmaxx", however, this one doesn't seem to give you the same tracers. Any way you can add this to Aslain? Thanks.
  7. I only get NULL as the value for "Show max speed of target at crosshair" on every ship using modpack update #12 Is it just me or is it a known issue?
  8. Just right click the link, copy link address, then paste it and change the 11 to 12 That will work until Aslain fixes the link
  9. Does anyone else have trouble with this mod showing stats every game? For me, it's like 50/50 whether or not I will see the win% & PR displayed over the enemy team's ships. Same goes for ranking stats stars (I thought using that part of the mod might somehow force it to show stats every game, but that didn't work). Is there some sort of key combo I'm missing that turns the stat display on or off? Or is it just bugged for me for some reason? PS. I am on Aislain v. 9.6 #9...it was the same way for every version this update...and I just started using this mod with WoWs 9.6
  10. worked like a charm....thanks again
  11. ok i will try that and see if it fixes it...thanks
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