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  1. Does anyone else have trouble with this mod showing stats every game? For me, it's like 50/50 whether or not I will see the win% & PR displayed over the enemy team's ships. Same goes for ranking stats stars (I thought using that part of the mod might somehow force it to show stats every game, but that didn't work). Is there some sort of key combo I'm missing that turns the stat display on or off? Or is it just bugged for me for some reason? PS. I am on Aislain v. 9.6 #9...it was the same way for every version this update...and I just started using this mod with WoWs 9.6
  2. worked like a charm....thanks again
  3. ok i will try that and see if it fixes it...thanks
  4. yeah, res_mods folder is just plain empty of any mods after installing Aslain for 9.6.0
  5. Just installed the 9.6 Aslain and went in game and no mods at all. Looked in res_mods folder and then into the 9.6.0 folder and nothing is in there except a readme.txt Aslain did install something because I see the Aslains_WoWs_Logs_Archiver.exe file in the bin folder. This is a steam installation...
  6. Just wanted to say that whatever you did for ver 8, it fixed all my problems. Hakabase side panels now working perfectly...
  7. none of these solutions work for me, sadly...I tried the restart WoWs...and I don't run ADvanced Battle Loading Screen (never have). Can't get hakabase or Autospy side panels to work. The only side panel that works for me currently is badobest.
  8. didn't work for me...(Hakabase....latest version #5....) also, in the patch notes, it says removed ship win rate and XP next to ship, but in #5 it is still in there as an option
  9. so i guess the answer is those who use steam launcher are out of luck now when it comes to this side panel mod? never had a problem before this update...weird
  10. Says they were added back in most recent update, but they don't show up at all on my battle screen...just the regular stock side panels appear...I double checked that they were in fact chosen upon installation...known bug?
  11. For that last couple of updates (this started at some point in WoWs version 9.0), the camo filter is not working like it did before. Before, when you filtered on, for example, Commander XP, it would bring up all the camos with Commander XP. NOW, it will bring up camos that ONLY have Commander XP. So if a camo provides Commander XP and Free XP, it won't show up when filtered on Commander XP. Thus, if I want to see all the Camos that provide Commander XP (regardless of whatever else perks they have), I will only be shown camos that provide ONLY commander XP perk. Hope this is good enough explanation for problem. Thank you.
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