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  1. OK cool...thanks for letting me know
  2. OK thanks...sent you a dono...thanks for all the hard work you do Aslain!
  3. I don't have contour icons mod installed...log files attached Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. not functioning in version 00....just reverts to base side panels
  5. yeah, the save/load signals is definitely very bugged It never loads the correct set of signals, no matter how many times I "X" them out and reload and resave them... It sounds like my signals mod is bugged even though I'm running the "non-Classic" version of carousel extended
  6. Sorry, forgot to attach logs Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  7. It's not loading the correct signals...seems to be loading the same for every ship. It's also buggy in that when you clear all the signals, then put new ones on and click save, it doesn't always retain that setup permanently. It reverts back to the "default" signals, which shouldn't happen in the first place (every release up until this point, it has retained my saved signals across mod versions). Might want to check out the save/load signals to confirm.
  8. Using the new ship management mod for signals, I can no longer access the "save/load" signals feature that used to be available in the port screen using the prior version of carousel extended. I actually have to go to the exterior tab (kind of defeating the purpose of having everything show on the port screen) if I want to continue to use the "save/load" signals function. This is not an improvement IMO...
  9. Not an option in the most recent release (#17). Wondering if it is gone or just an oversight?
  10. oh, the mxcamo actually stopped working a few mod versions ago...I think it stopped working sometime near the end of WoWs version 10.1 Sorry I didn't report it sooner...I thought it might get fixed somehow when 10.2 was released I am using the Steam launcher version of WoWs
  11. On the carousel extended mod, if I click on the signals, it shows me camos instead Also, mxcamo isn't working. No values are showing on the camos. Logs attached
  12. Cool, thanks! I've sent you two donations already...with more to come...I hope OTHERS ARE SENDING YOU DONATIONS AS THEY SHOULD FOR ALL THE GREAT WORK YOU DO!
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