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  1. SepsiShock

    clanname after player name

    Thank You Aslain appreciate your hard work Merry Christmas
  2. SepsiShock

    clanname after player name

    Thanks Aslain that did the trick. any chance i will be able to use battle observer and simple panel setting in the future?
  3. the clan name is not showing after the player name in 05 pack but when i reinstall 03 pack it work is it gone now? view under tab and in game neither one shows clan name
  4. SepsiShock

    base capture bar

    there was another base capture bar in the mod awhile back around when 1.0 came out that was a better looking one than the standard wot one don't know what the mod was called but it looks similar to wot but was a little bigger and more info on it. will that ever come back. i always saw it in mod settings and turned it on but its isn't there anymore.
  5. SepsiShock

    colored map coords

    Oh ok thanks Aslain
  6. SepsiShock

    colored map coords

    will the colored map coords ever come back :) they made it easy to see
  7. SepsiShock

    friendly arty sight on minimap

    OH WOW never mind thanks for checking those mods out Aslain we appreciate it
  8. SepsiShock

    friendly arty sight on minimap

    will friendly arty sight on mini map be coming back it was nice knowing were other arty was aiming so you don't cover the same area
  9. SepsiShock

    player panel

    no they changed it if you have option 2 like in 1st pic it shows names of player now and option 3 is tank name now that's why i marked it.
  10. SepsiShock

    player panel

    after the last update from WG the player panels got wider and more spacing is there anyway to put it back like in the first pic . the only thing that has changed is wot update Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. by any chance are you using the numpad0 key for sniper mode? if so reassign it to numpad9 thats what i have to do or it keeps going away and coming back when ever i switch views
  12. SepsiShock

    Game minimizes to desktop, anyone else?

    are you talking about geforce experience? ill try that and see what happens thanks
  13. SepsiShock

    Game minimizes to desktop, anyone else?

    I'm having the same problem my home comp it runs win7 and has a gtx 1060 with aslain mods and it will minimize to desktop when im in a battle at the worse times even sometime completely closing wot and i have to start it back up and sign in again. but my work comp has everything the same as home comp except it has a gtx 980ti and has never had the problem. figured id chime in because it is annoying the hell out of me also and i would love stop this. nvidia did put new drivers out on the other night so maybe that will fix it
  14. SepsiShock

    players damage

    is there a mod that shows the damage other players are doing while in game?
  15. SepsiShock

    Aslain to Hospital

    Get well soon. Prayers
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