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  1. Sure, no problem. Just run your own WoT server... lol
  2. MY BAD! I've been switching between NA and SA server lately... I think it works on NA but not on SA... maybe a setting in the configs I could swap each time?
  3. Unfortunately, it stopped working again completely (as far as crew skills are concerned). The in game statistics always work but I'll look for another solution. Thanks for trying!
  4. Weird... it started working again with no real changes on my side. Any way to change the hotkey to BACKSPACE? that's what I'm used to with Crew Skill Informer and it's annoying to have it come up every time i type a B in game chat. : )
  5. Thanks RaJ... 1. I had deselected some of the options because only crew skills was important to me but i left the top check box for in game stats. Not really sure what the others do. 2. No other observations about what might have caused it to stop. 3. As far as I could tell, it worked in the first battle only and not in later ones. 4. NA / USC server yes. I really appreciate you looking into this!
  6. It worked in the first battle and then didn't work afterward... Requested logs attached. _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf python.log xvm.log _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log
  7. SonicWALL is a brand of commercial (as opposed to consumer grade, like Netgear, Trendnet, etc) router/firewall. I own an IT consulting company so this is going through my business network. Therefore, I use a higher level of protection. My work/play PC also has its own AV solution and is scanned regularly and automatically. It's not infected. I've reported it to the monitoring folks as a possible "false positive". It's also possible that the domains hosting Aslain's files are on someone's "black list". I worked around it, downloaded the file, scanned it (clean), and this is a closed issue.
  8. Scanning the whole PC doesn't resonate with this symptom but I appreciate the suggestion. Hmmm... well, i pulled the IP address for that server and excluded it (temporarily) from my firewall's screening process and the download is proceeding. I've downloaded probably 100+ versions of Aslain's and never before had this issue. I'll report it to SonicWALL as a "false positive" and see what they have to say (after I manually scan the file too).
  9. No, that is not quite correct. I always use the "direct" links first. Those are all getting blocked with "network error" and then using the other links show those trojan messages.
  10. I'm behind a SonicWALL with Gateway Antivirus and when trying to download today's modpack it reports... Gateway Anti-Virus Alert This request is blocked by the Firewall Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: (Cloud Id: 67026091) Agent.FL (Trojan) blocked.
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