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  1. I dont know why but my text are small and some mods wont work on the asian server. Is this with everyone or just me ?
  2. Lol ? WG not happy about something they screwed up and people making the mod so other's have no problem getting up. Oh well it's fixed.....After all these years lol
  3. Thanks Ye just realized that now.Couldn't get to my positions in airfield or redshire....Really sad about them blocking it tbh but oh well
  4. Yep that was the problem just unselected it and it got fixed idk how it was conflicting it odd but hey not getting this anymore
  5. For some reason the game won't load in anymore It started after I installed the latest update before this it never happened Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. I've used them years ago and I think Aslain once had jingles voice back but I can't find it and idk if it works with the current version ? Can anybody confirm ?
  7. Nah everybody keep telling me it's my problem but I kept checking by downloading other stuff I'm using my full speed I think it depends on the server aslain setup is on idk
  8. Could be idk I tried resetting my wifi and stuff plus downloaded other stuff it was getting full speed but it was only aslain that was slow so idk if its my location or something added 0 minutes later Same mine takes 20-30 mins depending on what mods I select but yeah
  9. No I'm talking about when I'm installing mods in the installer the download is really slow I usually have like 6MB/s but over here's not as fast I thought
  10. I download stuff with 6 MB/s or above but when installing mods with aslain I get 50 kb/s does anybody know how to fix this or increase the speed ?
  11. Found an easy tutorial it helped and I found out the problem why it didn't show the color on my Batchat is because I was using HD instead of the non HD files because Batchat still didn't get an HD model lol
  12. Will try this even though I learn quicker and better on videos I'll see if I can use this will reply if it doesn't
  13. Can anybody help me make a tank skin ? I'm making a custom skin for my Batchat 25T and using paint.net with it but the color and the layer only shows up when I've zoom close to the tank but other than that its pretty much the stock skin And help with how to make sound packs as well I'm planning to make one and either use it for myself or release it to people added 0 minutes later Just need a recent tutorial because I tried old videos on youtube that do not work yet and well I haven't searched up how to make sound packs
  14. I love COH and like COH 2 and I've been searching around but couldn't find a latest version of a mod pack of it and its not listed in aslain so I guess it was never made. I'm kinda requesting if someone could make a voice pack Here's COH quotes: And COH 2 :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaF_dkuGLjE
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