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  1. Awesome man!..yeah I love the 35% height increase you did for me..Hopefully you will be able to MOD them once they re-do the water. Wishful thinking. Also hoping you got past your health issues...!!
  2. Excellent. Works Correct now..AND also included TWIGHLIGHT port now too. YER the BEST MAN!!!! BTW..they are about to change the water appearance?..oh boy..guess that means no more GIANT ROugh seas mode you made for me huh...:-0
  3. Port night ocean GREEN doesn't work..also Salvation port doesn't want to download..its as if missing from the server?
  4. DOOD!!!..rough sea's mod looks excellent...AWESOMe work....thanks so much!!!
  5. Ahh...I see you have removed it from the latest modpack. Looking forward to it working again. Best mod in the game....
  6. Appears since ver 8.11, the rough seas mod no longer functions. They changed something about the waves, and now they have small dimples in them. Seems to completely negate Rough seas mod. Aslain..its my FAV mod in the game. Anyway of looking into the physics of it to bring it back? I LOVE the mod.
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