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Looking for a lead Delphi programmer with a spare time.
Szukam doświadczonego programisty Delphi z czasem, który może poświęcić.


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  1. Haro haro, U cant change thease avatars, because they are stored at server. Its a web App and only WG can change it
  2. New version cut off the support for the old ports and thats all
  3. 0.9.8 Halloween 2017 & 2019, Salvation, Twitch updated. Dockyard replaced Shipyard. Deactivated: Appulse, Deep Space, Halloween 2015 & 2016, Dorm, Jacuzzi, Yokosuka, Gamescom, Shipyard, Black Sea, Murmansk, Hub-S, Moon landing, Orbital Station. Official [Map based ports] shall return . . . have returned.
  4. sorry, its not my mod and the way how it look I dont get it too, should ask the author
  5. 0.9.7 Check completed. Crashed: Hub-S, Black Sea, Black Sea Anniversary. Broken: Appulse, Deep Space, Haunted, Halloween 2016, Yokosuka, Jacuzzi, Orbital Station, Murmansk, Gamescom. Working: Halloween 2017 + 2019, Flooded city + Savage, Moon landing, Shipyard + Dockyard, Dorm, Twitch. Update 1: Fixed disappeared objects for Yokosuka, Halloween 2016, Murmansk. Update 2: Fixed crashed and disappeared objects for Hub-S, Orbital Station. Update 3: Fixed disappeared objects forGamescom.
  6. 0.9.6 Standalone ports: Murmansk, Hub-S, Moon landing, Orbital Station updated, fixed the red sky and missing textures; Cyber space & HQ terminated Cosmos ports: Appulse, Deep space: updated, fixed the red sky and missing textures Hallucination ports: Haunted, Salvation updated, fixed the red sky; Halloween split into 3 links Notes: Official ports, Experimental ports : disabled
  7. 0.9.6 Original ports: Fixed red sun, red sky for >>> Yokosuka, Black Sea, Dorm, Shipyard, Jacuzzi, Twitch Original ports: New port Gamescom Notes: Cosmos ports, Hallucination ports, Standalone ports >>> broken visual
  8. no, thats impossible. I made it, I used it as well, no problem at all
  9. nope and nope, its no longer available any more, only for 1st year 2018 - 2019. Its an official port and its not the problem. Your problem could be something else
  10. 0.9.5 Original port: Yokosuka (fixed day - night transition), Black Sea (added 3 objects), Jacuzzi (added pop-up box), Shipyard (new HDR sky), Twitch (new lighting and HDR sky) updated Original port: Dorm updated - fixed the effects Hallucination port: Halloween & Salvation updated - fixed the wrong objects
  11. 0.9.4 Port Jacuzzi: new object added Original port: Black Sea has returned Experimental ports: All disabled Original port: Black Sea Anniversary available for Aslain modpack only Standalone port: Hub-S updated, added 4 new Submarines Official ports: All disabled
  12. 0.9.3 Port Appulse: Error found, fixed the sun flare and the missing container ship
  13. 0.9.2 Port Murmansk: sea rendering and sky updated Port Hub-S: sea rendering and sky updated Experimental - Spacy: crashed fixed
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