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  1. hincustefan

    hangar tools issues

    I want to tell you that I actually mistaken in the image 1 with the drawing of the arrow, normally I had to go up to the hangar tools (clock + stats on the tank carousel) ... I repaired the image after reinstalling modpack v.10 and I still do not shows status on tanks and clock in garage in the right corner ... apologize for the mistake and excuse me english :)
  2. hincustefan

    hangar tools issues

    hello, so we did 2 pictures, 1 - hangar tools installation and 2 - no game appears in the garage tanks and clock ...
  3. hincustefan


    please add real in time battle achievements in next modpack
  4. hincustefan

    installation bug

    If you ticked something from the menu Hangar XVM settings - Multilined Tank Carousel by XVM - Selected tank highlighter, on installation, in play, on any mission (not personal) no longer show me any tank tank in the mission selection, only show one German Tier I tank, Leichtraktor (which I do not even have in my garage) and if I do not tick anything in that section, then it's okay, it shows me all the tanks. I attached logs archive with the setup settings that go ok. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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