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  1. 38 minutes ago, Aslain said:

    To fix wrong icons reinstall the modpack and select clean DL folder.


    Bug with changed language to english : YK Vanilla, accidentaly copied txt file there, select different option core or base until I release new modpack.

    How do i select Clean DL folder? i cant find that option. Nevermind i deleted the content of the folder manually :)

  2. Hi,


    i have a slightly annoying problem that only affects the Garage and not the battles thank god. And it only affects my main account, not the one i use as a recruit for the referral program. 

    It happens every 5 seconds, a slight lag/stutter for half a second or so. Still makes writing and other garage things annoying.


    Please help.


  3. 20 hours ago, Aslain said:

    Addon author gave me some solution, that may fix it for you all.


    Try to edit elements.xc and replace the line with consumables with this one:


        {"consumablesPanel": {"$delay": 6000, "$interval": 5000,  "y": "{{py:math.sub({{py:xvm.screenHeight}}, 80)}}" }},


    It will force the new position every 5 seconds, shouldn't hit fps too much.

    Thanks! it works! 

  4. My problems are basically gone except under the following circumstance; exiting the battle before it has ended...when it ends and I’m in the garage It will always result in being disconnected and I have to restart. Also, YK won’t show the battle nor the coming ones until a restart.

  5. I'm also having this annoying issue, except when i quit a battle (back to the garage) the game freezes when the battle is over some minutes or so later. Recently i get disconnected and have to login again, YK stats did not register the latest battle nor the next ones until i restart the game completely. 

  6. I’m just curious if the wn8 calculation will be adjusted in these tiers as they are crazy high now after a battle with high damage because of increased hp and ammo.



  7. 6 minutes ago, Smoothe932 said:

    This may have been discussed several times, but I couldn't find anything.  It sure would be helpful to have a search box on the installer.  With pages (scrolling) and pages, sometimes it is very hard to find the mod / setting you are looking for.  

    Yea, i think that would be a great feature

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