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  1. Where we have the option for dead white tracks and dead white tanks. Another option would be nice if we could have; Red dead tanks instead of white. Because it would be easier to tell on winter maps. I have been killed on winter maps by a tank I could not see right in front of me.
  2. Ok, Aslain, it could be, and I was just trying to help, thanks for the intel. Like I said don't need the skins anymore. Keep up the Great work man. running smooth as silk now............
  3. Dang it, I didn't say, the next day I updated to the and then I took the hit skins off. So yeah at the time I was up on the latest. And I haven't gone to the .01 yet, I'm still running smooth as can be. So I think the hit skins were the cause of the prob. I'm not complaining though, I don't need them anymore. I see the light and i am getting better, finally. I'm not sure what logs I should post? But I sure know you don't mean the log off the side of the IS-6.
  4. I downloaded the newer version # 19 yesterday and it just kept crashing as soon as you hit the garage. I have been having problems for the last few days. I did try the client in the safe mode and it worked. Note I have completely uninstalled the mod last night and started fresh today. I had the same problem again, I remembered then after a couple tries what I did different. I figured out the little bug ger was the Koreanrandom hitzone skins! I added it again after i took it out on the last update, when it was working fine. I took the skins back out and my mods are running fine. So Aslain you might take a look at it, In case someone else has the problem. there you go. I'm not a donator yet but I will one day. Computer skills I no have, I just want to help, if I did great.
  5. I have the same problem with indicators staying on the page, and whatever this is it affects the info window after match. I have been logging out and re start up to clear it. I am no computer wiz! So trying to understand what you all are saying is kinda foreign. But I try cuz I love your mod pac! I will check back later, to see if you guys answered me.
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