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  1. I think I will wait till next mod update, I don't really want to start resetting all my OTM's etc again LOL, just got them the way I want them. I remember this happened several months back just cant remember what the solution was.
  2. Yep same here. Close game, restart with mods off and go straight into game, but for some reason the OTM seem to float/move they do not appear as they normally would.
  3. Has to do with an update, you will have to wait for the time being until its compatible, I assume.
  4. I hate playing without Aslains Mods, I just copied the old Customisation Mod to the Mod folder and all my camo works as still there from before, have had no issues with it at all. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/671875-120-customization-manager-1010/ link has the mod for download & how to install it. Obviously do at own risk.
  5. I just discovered the same thing, I believe it might be a different mod.
  6. Hi I am having a similar issue, where my sights are jumping all over the place when playing Arty. Please see attached logs from last game. Thanks Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. I would assume so Scoobs. I only Cut my file and pasted to a spare directory in case I needed it.
  8. I deleted the file as TOSEDO suggested and I was able to get into game, lot of stuff not working, but able to play. Thanks for the help TOSEDO.
  9. I have similar issue happening every once in awhile, close game restart hopefully still alive when I get back in and continue game. Just happens the doesn't unable to determine what is causing it.
  10. Hi Mate, sorry I didn't want to bother you with this whilst all the update stuff was going on, just wanted feedback from other players if they had an issue as well and possible fix. I have attached Log as you requested. Thanks Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. Hi Everyone, not sure if it is me or my PC just wanted to get feedback from other players. Quiet regularly in game I have an issue with the Enemy Player Stats being Mirrored, when this happens I also lose most of the Mini map mods, such as enemy last position, team artillery aim, most range rings and the distance on the view line, (goes back to standard). Also some times I lose the Team and Enemy details up the very top middle, (that I have circled in the picture, is what can disappear as well). It has been happening off and on in previous updates and was hoping it would stop when I did a new install with the current update, but no it has not. As I said happens irregularly, then next game everything is back to normal. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Yea I posted a Topic on that exact issue a day or so before the other one, saying that if you play a tank from the same tree it will charge Camo even if you only click on the Tank in the garage, I also sold my excess Camo leaving only 2 for each one made no difference. I lost up to 1000 in Gold before realising. Also had an issue where from time to time it would change the buying of Ammo from God to Silver, even with the Gold Locker on, also lost a heap of Gold before realising. Contacted WG, they did not care, now I will not buy Gold unless I use it immediately. Below is my Original Post Camo Mod Issue will Automatically Spend Gold Rommel_Field_Marshall posted a topic in Issues & bug reporting Hi Guys First post so not sure if I am doing it right, have a problem with the Automatic Camo Mounting works great, but since using it have lost about 500+ in Gold. I found if you use another tank in the same tree, somehow it will mount the Camo and you will lose the cost in Gold, I also have Gold
  13. I seem to be having a similar problem, have been using Auto Equip for ages never a problem, suddenly it is not auto equipping every time, seems to do it intermittently and I have not worked our a pattern yet, I have 3 of each in the depot and it does it when I have no other tanks in battle as well.
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