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  1. @Aslain This issue is solved since 1.4. Thanks,
  2. ah... sorry, They are not shown again without UI scale mod. It is so strange. It is fine to play some replay files. but It doesn't work on playing normal modes. I tried to remove WoT client's cache and preferences.xml, nothing to change. shot_4450.jpg is playing normal battle mode. shot_4451.jpg is playing that replay file mode.
  3. @Aslain Thank you for your reply to resolve issue. It works fine for me.
  4. @Interface2037 Thank you for the information about nation flags. I understood. @Aslain Thank you for your reply. On the other hand, I removed UI scale mod, but the 1st issue was not resolved.
  5. @Aslain Thank you for your reply. I removed UI scale mod, then this issue was solved. (shown hitlog, damage log and debag info etc.)
  6. Hi Aslain, 1. In PPs on pushing tab-key, Player names characters are misaligned. (shot_4432.jpg) 2. Players nation flag in PPs are not shown. (shot_4433.jpg) attach logs. thanks, Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Hi Aslain, As a title, Hitlog and Damage log are not shown. (since #5 ?) Attach logs. thanks, Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. @Aslain Thank you for your great works! I confirmed to add it again. thanks,
  9. Hi Aslain, Now, "interfaceScale" is recognized only integral multiples in "preferences.xml". Please re-add UI-Scale mod? Christmas is over... thanks,
  10. @Aslain Thank you for your great works!
  11. @Aslain Sorry, I don't know any information. only there is this issue on ASIA region client as far as I know.
  12. Hi Aslain, Recently after update, WoT client font size is smaller than before. So, Chirimen releases font config file. If you could, please add it to modpack. thanks,
  13. oh thx for your great works, Aslain!
  14. I have the same issue, too. @Aslain I checked "clanicons-full-2018.11.30_ASIA_by_Aslain.7z". I realized almost all clan icons are 0bytes.
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