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  1. I understand that the movetree log is very old and has nothing to do with this issue because I didn't see the date of the file. Sorry for the confusion. As far as I can see from the installer log, the mod file seems to be installed, but it doesn't work. However, since Hide tracer contrails mod work, when I checked the differences between them, I confirmed that the ones that did not work will also work if the following operations are performed. 1.Install the mod you want to use from modpack. 2.Open res_mods\particles\trails in explorer. 3.Copy the Trail_smoke.dds file with the following name: Trail_smoke_HE.dds Trail_smoke_AP.dds Trail_smoke_CS.dds Trail_smoke_commander_B.dds Trail_smoke_commander_LB.dds Trail_smoke_commander_R.dds Trail_smoke_commander_Kuznetsov.dds CS is probably SAP. If you don't want to change it, you don't have to copy just that file name.
  2. As far as I checked: main guns: lines - green main guns: rainbow main guns: confetti They didn't work. There may be others that don't work. I will attach the log when only rainbow is installed. There is a suspicious point in the movetree log. The topic changes, The Advanced HP bar indicator mod works if you install it with nothing in res_mods, but it doesn't work unless you turn on the option to clear res_mods when you install modpack again. It's not a request for correction, but a notice to anyone with similar problems. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. Corrected the beginning of the line from ja to jp. I can work further if I get the v10.1.0 file. Then, in v10.1.0 #7, the first Japanese message about donations does not show the last period (small circle). WoWs_jp_translation_10.0.0_23.ini
  4. I translated the donation message that appears first in the modpack installer into Japanese so that it is easy for Japanese people to understand. If you can make the installer display the message in Japanese when the user chooses Japanese, use this sentence. I hope that donations will increase as much as possible. Translation: Request To keep this modpack up to date, I (Aslain) have to spend a lot of time and money, which is a big burden. I would be grateful if you could join me as my supporter on patreon.com or donate via Paypal to continue the activity. Please consider it. request.txt
  5. It is found in the following positions. Is it okay to delete anything other than the beginning? 00000000 EF BB BF 000024D1 EF BB BF 00002504 EF BB BF 00005040 EF BB BF 00005BB7 EF BB BF 00008138 EF BB BF 0000813B EF BB BF 00008188 EF BB BF 0000818B EF BB BF
  6. There are some BOMs not only at the beginning of the file but also in the middle. Is this any intention?
  7. WoWs_ja_translation_0.9.8.0_15.ini Since the Japanese language code is ja, I wrote it that way, but was that correct?
  8. Japanese does not always have words that correspond to English words. In Japanese, katakana is used to express things and concepts that did not originally exist in Japan, or when it is difficult to understand even if translated literally or freely. Even in games, many words that express the pronunciation of the original word in katakana are used. Example: ge-mu(game), re-da-(radar), dame-ji(damage), korekushon(collection), etc Currently, the problem is that Japanese players who use modpack can no longer select Japanese for the guide text displayed by the installation program. Therefore, as a first step, I would like to revive the Japanese localization of the guidance display. Regarding the name of the mod, (if there is a request among Japanese players) I would like to take it to the next step. How about that? I understand that I shouldn't rearrange the lines.
  9. I want to confirm some matters. Should I never change the order of the lines in the file? Regarding the name of mod, Japanese people are more likely to accept a list of English words as a unique noun, so I dare to leave it untranslated, but is that okay?
  10. Hi, It seems that Japanese is no longer supported for some time, is there any reason? May I translate to get Japanese support again?
  11. Hi. This time I made two new tools. The first is Voice Mod Manager, a tool for managing voice mods. http://www.mediafire.com/file/4bc8penqcvfbaao/SetupVoiceModManager.exe/file The second is the Text Mod Generator, a tool that helps create and install text mods. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5yi6n3k2jnjjv9r/SetupTextModGenerator.exe/file Detailed descriptions can be found on my website. http://wowsmods.web.fc2.com/en/index.htm If you are interested, please use these and write your thoughts. And I'm glad if Aslain adds these to modpack. Thank you.
  12. The "Character Voice Mix Mod Creation Tool" has been updated. For installation please download the latest modpack or the following file. The distribution file is now an installer edition. http://wowsmods.web.fc2.com/SetupVoiceMixTool.exe Supported languages are English, Japanese, Russian. Please try using it and send your impressions.
  13. Since I released the latest version I want many people to try it. "High school fleet" was added from this time. Please download from the URL of the first post or download below. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2l77gji2vbvqup/mod_voice_mix_tool_en.zip/file Other people please comment or hope from the post form of my website.
  14. The bug was fixed. Please download the zip file (2018/09/20) from the same url again.
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