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  1. Thanks for the video. Now it is clear what exactly is happening: the fact that the WG has a decent enough delay in updating the information on the server when manipulating the equipment. Therefore, sometimes at the time of checking availability, the mod receives data that the camouflage is not enough. I'll think what else to do... P.S. What's your ping in the game?
  2. If there is free stock then nothing will be purchased The complete set is 3 pieces for each season. So you should have 6 pieces for every season.
  3. >You Are Fired 3 unhappy out of 170,000 is more than acceptable
  4. >You clearly haven't understood the problem at hand No problem. There is your desire for some mod actions that are not laid in it.
  5. >Without your mod - it takes TWO clicks to buy camo Without mod, you should take the following steps to use 1 set on several tanks: - wait until the end of the battle on the current tank and his return to the hangar (in principle, at this step, you can finish the comparison ) - go into the setting of camouflage and remove the current camouflage from the tank - choose another tank - install camouflage Well, every time you want to change the tank. >only because your mod FORCES the client to do so You activate this option yourself and choose another tank yourself.
  6. >Try mounting camouflage on one of the tanks - make sure that tank is then stuck in battle - and select another one Carefully re-read the written: Q: Enabled the AutoCamo option and the mod bought a camouflage when choosing a tank :-( A: Camouflage can be purchased by the mod only in one case: - in stock there is 1 set of camouflage - it is installed on several tanks - one of them in battle, the player leaves the battle and chooses another tank with the same camouflage. Whatever is not happening, you need to either wait for the end of the battle or have 2 sets in stock. This recommendation is also relevant for consumables with equipment. Whatever is not happening, you need to either wait for the end of the battle or have 2 sets in stock If you have 1 set - in this case will be bought the 2nd. And the next time you will already have 1 free kit and nothing will be bought.
  7. >And I saw that video he made - totally avoiding the actual issue... 12 minutes of pointless video Those. for all 12 minutes you could not see that after all the manipulations nebylo spent not a single coin? Sadly ... >Blaming the client, is kinda silly - because it's the mod causing the issue The problem is not in mod, but in not understanding you the mechanics of his work! As I said: mod does not buy anything, it simply instructs the client to install the necessary camouflage.
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