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  1. wasur

    elkano server crosshair...

    do u think we have any chance to the Elkano work together with other mods like team HP ? or maybe in the future?
  2. wasur

    elkano server crosshair...

    the problem is bigger now. I totaly cant use the norma lserver crosshair as well i always have problem with them. it doesnt metter how i try with or without elkano or battle observer... I cant use the normal primitiv standard WG crosshair what we have in the raw game. 'AV'... So something really went wrong... i already installed and deleted al lthe combinations about it 30 times the aslain mod pack, but no any cominations let me use the normal game crosshair... all the time instead the V and A shape i have a white box or shit thing which covers the target.... it is going so depressfull now... ARty normal
  3. wasur

    elkano server crosshair...

    Done it, i hope he will take a look on his topic cos i see the last view was in 21 march 2018...
  4. HI this mod is already in the modpack, but it is not working on my clinet. I already reinstalled my computer, i thought the problem is in my game client, but now everything is fresh, and it is still doesnt work, can u take a look on it please? Thank u soo much!
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