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  1. vor 48 Minuten schrieb jagjmrg:

    There is no problem thank you very much. I know that it is in the most latest mod Crazydisi. If you would have read my original post you would see I said it was. And thanks for the warm welcome Crazydisi.


    Anyways, I  have installed the GTO hitmarker but it looks no where like it shows in their video. This is why I asked if you had to use another custom crosshair or if the default one in the game will work. At this time, using the default crosshair, it doesn't work as it shows in their video. That's why I asked.


    And from what I have seen after using this mod, when Aslain does remove something and re-add it back he usually says he did. This one says he removed it, but then it was back with no mention of it coming back. I was asking initially to make sure it wasn't a typo.


    vor 1 Stunde schrieb Quaksen:

    He doesnt have a problem, just asking a few questions :)


    It should work fine with all types of crosshair, default or mods


    Well i interpreted the quoted message here, as there where 2 Problems:


    vor 7 Stunden schrieb jagjmrg:

    I was looking for a hitmarker mod and noticed that it shows up in your current mod as a possible addon. I attempted to install it and received no error messages. When I went into game to use it, it doesn't seem to be working. My question is this. Did you remove the mod and forget to remove the tick box in the program? Or did you remove it and then readd it back in? If so, do I need to use a different crosshair then the default WOT cross hair? 


    First: It doesn't seem to be working, need further explanation.

    Second: He asked if Aslain forgot the the Checkbox?


    So my answer was what's the problem with the mod not working and for the second question the exact point where to find the GTO mod which assumes that its not forgotten.

    So if you need help with a mod not working you should at least provide some logs so a moderator or administrator can look into them for any error you might not have seen. Could even be something like a compatibility problem between mods. So without any logs noone can realy help.


    Sorry if i sounded a bit checky, it wasn't my intention!




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  2. Hi,


    i would love to see HP-Lifebars on the Player-Panels like shown in this Pic






    To be more concrete on this Topic:

    - HP Bars where you can read the usernames clear (Color overlaps sometimes with the HP life-bar)

    - Percentage value



    You can see this modification for example in den GDZ Modpack.



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  3. Hi @Bandes,


    das kannst du machen indem du im Installer unter "Nicht-XVM Hitlogs" -> "Team HP Pool" -> "Zeige Schadenszähler" auswählst


    You can achieve this by checking the option "Show damage meters" under "Non-XVM hitlogs" -> "Team HP Pool"

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