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  1. This sounds like the closest post to the issue I'm having as well. Unlike Husky the newest version has not helped me at all. Barely anything installs. As I mentioned in another post the things I am sure are not working are: Most of the Tactical Map options, besides having the tactical map always displayed (can't get it to show up only when pressing ALT) Tank Icons in garage mode Tank Contours in battles Gold and Free XP spending lockers Any custom skins Very difficult to determine what exactly is working because there are so many options and there doesn't seem to be any clear pattern even with a section of options as to which will work and which will not install properly. I can get any other mods to work easily by downloading and installing them separately. No virus software or computer incompetence at play here, have installed this mod pack successfully countless times.
  2. threepwood27

    Vehicle Skins don´t work

    Full list of things not working for me from what I've tried to install: Tank icons in the hangar Tank Contours in battle (can't get anything but default) Autoaim Indication+ Gold and Free XP spending lockers (icon doesn't show, can't lock) ShuraBB minimap settings: If I select the lower option of "Tactical Map [L.ALT+H/L.ALT+K][WITH EKSPOINT AD]" then I can use the tactical minimap. But the settings above where you only see the tactical minimap when pressing Alt don't work. No skins work unless I download and install them separate from Aslain's Mod Pack I've also been unable to get the logs archiver to produce any logs. I've run it a few times now, both before and after having installed the mod pack. But the Archiver folder is empty. Everything else I've reported not working has functioned in the past, but this is my first time using the logs archiver.
  3. threepwood27

    Vehicle Skins don´t work

    Same problem here with skins, can't get any to work. Also having issues with getting the non-xvm minimap settings to install. Reinstalled over and over so many times with weekend but I'll do it again and get some logs if helpful.
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