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  1. Alright sweet thanks for the info and keep up the good work, I know I saw you said you were quite busy so sorry if I interrupted any.
  2. So I have the Akiyama Yukari voice selected for the reload sound but I seem to have the default sound of the game. Is this just me or is it bugged, also I would post my log but I do not know how to get it. I will add the log if someone is able to let me know that way hopefully I am the only one with this issue.
  3. Looks like it cycles through three different voice lines I don't know if your method can get that to work but it's worth a shot to see what you can do. Also thank you to @Ress for your helpful crash course on extracting the sound files. 0004.mp3 0001.mp3 0002.mp3
  4. I will check with the person who is currently working on the mod I said I would let them know if I could find a way, so I will see if they might get me the files since I am not to sure how to open .bnk files.
  5. Should I private message you the links to the files or link you the website? Or is there a specific file type you are looking for?
  6. I see so would you be able to add the sound to the mod pack if I got you the sound files or do you have a tutorial I could follow to add it myself? and Thank you for taking your time for the response.
  7. I was wondering because I used the Anko team voice pack and it use to have Akiyama Yukari talk every time the reload was done. Much like your audio reload events you have when the reload is done like the blip and click and UP, etc. I was wonder how I could get the voice pack to have the working reload event sounds from it. Basically Akiyama Yukari would have a couple of lines for the reload sound to let you know it was done. I have talked to the person who is currently working on this mod and they said that as of version 1.0 they removed the normal way their mod replaced the reload event sounds. So I was just wondering how in your mod pack you have the custom reload sounds, and if you could tell me how you did it or add them in into the mod pack.
  8. With the latest release it seems the Girls und Panzer garage was removed, is this the same for everyone else? Also I can't seem to get custom reload event sounds to work just the few from the mod packs, does anyone know how to fix that? or add them in so they do work?
  9. Would it be possible to get the Girls und Panzer voices by Shima_sama added to the reload and spotted enemy added sounds? Before my friend set me up with your awesome modpack I was using just the GuP voice mod and the Panzer IV skin they had. So when ever I would reload Akiyama Yukari would say when the reload was done. I tried a few things to get this back with the two separate but I seem to only be able to get just the spotting enemies to work. So the reload voice line for some reason is not working currently, so I thought it would be more easy if it was just in the pack.
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