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  1. After installing the 2nd world war day after, it worked fine. However, I tried to install WW2HVA after and since then, the game has been crashing a few seconds into the loading screen. Reinstalling them again or another gun sound mod does not work. Trying to make the game playable now but found no fix as of yet.
  2. Thanks for the solution. I will do this until the fix.
  3. Whenever I try to buy tanks, I cannot click the buy button. I am using the interface scaler at 1.4 (27 inch, 2k monitor, I need it). The rest of the menus are perfect, but I cannot buy ANY tank without reinstalling the whole pack and getting the interface back to 1, and then back to 1.4
  4. It is not mods. I tested with a clean WoT. It is from the patch...
  5. I have the same issue since the 1.1 update. It ran perfectly before. It is definitely not a local problem for me, I checked. It may be from WoT or your modpack, I have no idea. Also, no overheating and all drivers are updated. Hardware is also running perfect. Tested: removed the mods, it got even worse somehow. So it is from WoT....
  6. Actually, for some odd reason, it only seemed to work if I had both on. If I deactivate one, then it does not work at all. Although, I have only tried this like 1-2 months ago and since I was more careful to check both.
  7. Sorry for late reply. I made a screenshot.
  8. In the installer, the preferences are saved from one version to another(of the mods you plan to install). However, EQUIP AUTORETURN always gets unchecked for some reason.
  9. stupid question but how to uninstall just xvm without reinstalling the whole pack?
  10. Same here. After a few games, I get crashes for no reason.
  11. Yeah, that was what I did. I thought the pack might be off or something. So I guess it is normal?
  12. Running the latest version from the modpack installer. But I have no idea how I can turn up the sound more. I tried lowering everything else but voice, down to about 30-40 and it is still almost inaudible. Any help? Thanks
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