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  1. after playing the DBTs for a while I've decided this might be an idea worth sharing 1) designate a key or other button ('x' or 'center click') to change between single fire and double fire modes 2) when in single fire mode there would be 2 advantages: I) you fire as you press the left mouse button (or after the duration of the minimum mouse press that the WG server will accept), not as you release, II) holding the left mouse button results shells being fired as soon as they were loaded (like in a normal tank) 3) when in single fire mode it would be cool to have 2 options for how to fire (selected by options menu or config): I) holding left mouse down for salvo time, release mouse to cancel, II) press left mouse to start salvo time, press left mouse to cancel
  2. I would like a mod to replace the T110E4, E 100, Obj. 140, AMX 13 105, Jagpanzer E 100 and Obj 430U vanilla models with the 6 new Holiday Ops models.
  3. Okay, I'll give it a try, thanks
  4. Me and a Friend were wondering if it would be possible to get a mod for tonks that exported battle results information to a CSV file or something similar.
  5. I'd like to see these added to the modpack https://penetratorxmodshop.weebly.com/store/p124/_KV-2_(R)_Valhallan_Ragnarok_Warhammer_40k_skin_for_standard_KV-2_(from_Soviet_tech_tree).html https://wgmods.net/2635/
  6. Thats what i thought too, but i have services activated and a gray icon?
  7. what is the difference between players with the red/orange xvm users symbol and players with the white xvm symbol?
  8. I would like get the vehicle class icons (light, medium, heavy, td, spg) to appear on the "player panels" in the same way that they do on the "team composition" tab. The ideal outcome is that there is a way to alter the "player panels" config file. Looking at the "statistics form" config file, I can turn them on or off but not move them about or see how they are placed. Thanks in advance.
  9. yeah you needed xvm mods on the carousel to get it to work, thanks for the help
  10. I have some xvm mods installed but not the vast majority, i can't find anything in the mod pack that seems relevant. is there something i have to do to unlock this feature? Sorry in advance if i'm being totally thick.
  11. At the minute in vanilla, you can sort your hide particular groups of tanks on the carousel, using the search functions. You can choose to see a specific tier or class, see only tanks with *2, see only elited tanks or see only premium tanks. however while getting your daily doubles, you usually want to prioritise tanks that need xp (usually non elited non premium tanks). hence i’d like a mod to add a button that hides the elited and premium tanks in your carousel.
  12. Would like a mod that on a hotkey, switchs berween the following 2 modes: 1) Competative play mode (use this mode on start): No changes made to UI 2) Hide and Seek mode: a) Removes all enemys from minimap b) Removes outlines and markers enemy tanks on the map
  13. I would like an option to see the net credits instead of gross credits on the battle results screen
  14. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip For reasons that don't need explaining, i decided i wanted to customise the spoter "marks of excellence extended" mod. I switched the mod to "config" and changed the code to suit what i was after. However i found that the code had no effect on the mod, it looked exactly the same as it had before the changes. I then pressed alt to see if that section of the code had worked. At this point the UI crashed (all panels disappeared and the map and vehicle status panel (bottom left in vanilla) went totally black, camera became stuck and mouse was no longer centred on game client, which was lucky, as "esc" didn't bring the menu up and it made restarting the game alot easier). i have since reinstalled mods and tried the same thing with changing the code. this yielded the same results. I have put abug report on spoter's github but it looks like bug reports on there are going unread.
  15. Having a problem with current version of the "Marks of excellence extended" mod. when switching it to "config" in the mod preference settings in game and running without adapting any code in the mods file, i find that it works like the last chosen setup (maximum 1 or maximum 2... ect.) until you press alt. at this point the UI crashes.
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