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  1. orion_jb2001

    ship commander language issue

    Possible simple solution. In your audio setting, choose English. Here is your problem, the selection underneath, voice over modification, keep as standard, do not select nationality. That is when I believe you will here the nationality of the vessel, not English. :)
  2. Ok thanks Aslain Confirmed. Type 1 brought up the Krab crosshair
  3. Hi all, Trying to save some time. Just getting use to the crosshair mods. Some of which, in the description, indicate which static type you need to select in control settings, to pick to use your chosen crosshair. Unfortunately, the Krab crosshair do not have a description of which type to select... Can anyone one help with the type of static crosshair I need to select, to use the Krab crosshair????
  4. orion_jb2001

    Mod application problem

    Right ........... so does it re name it or does the Krab one become one of the types???
  5. orion_jb2001

    Mod application problem

    They are not there, only the type 1 to 14?? are showing, the standard ones??. Log attached Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. orion_jb2001

    Mod application problem

    Ah, so the Krab crosshair should appear there?? Jeff
  7. orion_jb2001

    Mod application problem

    Hi all, New to moding but have chosen Aslains as a good choice. Installed ok. Am only interested in minor mods, the one I have picked is to fix the poor sighting used in the standard game. I have chosen crosshair Krab 4 as the one I want to use and only mod selected. I click on next, click on remove all previous mods etc, create application shortcut on desk top, next, the install confirms only the krab 4 will be installed, the program destination is correct, the only possible issue, is states installed on : No client detected! install. no shortcut appears on my desktop and when I start the game, the krab 4 crosshairs are not showing. Am I missing something?? The No client detected is the only obvious thing that does not look right. Jeff
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