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  1. Hi. This time I made two new tools. The first is Voice Mod Manager, a tool for managing voice mods. http://www.mediafire.com/file/4bc8penqcvfbaao/SetupVoiceModManager.exe/file The second is the Text Mod Generator, a tool that helps create and install text mods. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5yi6n3k2jnjjv9r/SetupTextModGenerator.exe/file Detailed descriptions can be found on my website. http://wowsmods.web.fc2.com/en/index.htm If you are interested, please use these and write your thoughts. And I'm glad if Aslain adds these to modpack. Thank you.
  2. The "Character Voice Mix Mod Creation Tool" has been updated. For installation please download the latest modpack or the following file. The distribution file is now an installer edition. http://wowsmods.web.fc2.com/SetupVoiceMixTool.exe Supported languages are English, Japanese, Russian. Please try using it and send your impressions.
  3. Since I released the latest version I want many people to try it. "High school fleet" was added from this time. Please download from the URL of the first post or download below. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2l77gji2vbvqup/mod_voice_mix_tool_en.zip/file Other people please comment or hope from the post form of my website.
  4. The bug was fixed. Please download the zip file (2018/09/20) from the same url again.
  5. It was improved to be "download -> unzip -> 1 click to use". And I tried to make the website easy to see. The zip file is http://www.mediafire.com/file/i48676cbrja411c/mod_arp_voice_tool_en.zip/file Mod name is "Arpeggio Character Voice Mix Mod Creation Tool". Is it too long? If you need to shorten it, I will modify it to "Arpeggio Voice Mix Mod Creator".
  6. I have improved the installation procedure and instructions. And prepared a zip file that collected all required files. Please point out if improvement is still required.
  7. Thank you for trying my software. I am planning to improve on the points pointed out soon. Once completed, I will contact you again here.
  8. Nice to meet you. I made software that can make mod that mixed the voice of Arpeggio characters. It is posted on the following site. http://wowsmods.web.fc2.com/en/ There are batch version and GUI version. Would you consider adding the GUI version to Modpack? Sorry for the poor English. Thank you.
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