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  1. Hi, Pink Female Crew mod is removed temporary, or permanently ? thx
  2. Hi, exist some mod for highlighting crew with zero perk ? (something like "pink female" for women)
  3. The problem is in versions 8 and 8b and probably in previous versions. I play several days in safe mode (200+ games is not one day :)). I was waiting for the issue to be resolved in new releases. Which has not happened and so I registered today and reported the problem
  4. 200+ batlles in safe mode without this problem, no hi ping, no packet lost, latest drivers (release 27.8. 2018) Problem is only if game running with ASL ... mb... WG start active blocking ppl with someone mods ?
  5. When you start the game with Aslain package can not in any way control the tank. Unable to move, you can not rotate the tower, not firing ... nothing. The camera works, and chat functions can be written, visual fashion show, but nothing can be done with the tank.
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