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  1. Or even better is there a guide how every camo is called ingame and in camouflage.xml file
  2. https://imgur.com/a/ufVJD4R Here is a image of just some examples of reskins of crazy skins like usa british flags,clown color camos etc... The work is not all mine nor do i take credit for any of it...just trying to put some up-to date mod that deals with crazy colors in wows Try it...its easy to delete it if you dont like it. PUT IN YOUR res_mods/current version folder mod is uploaded on this page...the download should be at the bottom of post i guess mod.rar
  3. jokash


    it is...search for how to create your own skins...there is a whole instruction step by step on wows forums
  4. Its mostly mix-mash of other skin and texture creators,i just tweak the colors a bit, to replace the missing Moebius realistic camo splinter mod.I have changed many of the crazy camoflauge colors(flags,bright red-green-blue colors).I think it will apeal to people who like a more seroius tone to wows camos
  5. since WG changed camoflauge.xml structure again...can you found out if he will update his mod.I want to know whether to start changing colors on my own or wait for his pack?
  6. Is it being updated? Any info when it might be added to modpack?
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