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  1. Treveri

    New update again

    IC ... LMAO! It makes sense explained.
  2. Treveri

    New update again

    OK, then set me straight here. What is this SCHEDULE they present here towards the top of the page under the video: https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/docs/frontline-episode-1-regulations/ Something special?
  3. Treveri

    New update again

    Frontline is only from 3PM PST to midnight, right? I am confused why this is a problem?
  4. Treveri

    Removal of XVM

    That's why they are doing it ... so we can't tell the matches are so poorly matched up, and so we can't see the bots so quickly. I personally think they should take stats out of the game completely, period. They serve no purpose than for some to shame others. WG doesn't use the stats to make for a better game and they will always have their internal stats. There is no reason for the rest of us to see other player's stats.
  5. I'm suddenly seeing yellow bouncing arrows at times over enemy tanks ... Is this something new? Or is it a mod thing?
  6. Treveri

    A collapsible option tree ...

    I am confused a coded object would crash the installer before its even executed as code, but I will take your word for it bro. Wait ... you mean the mod installer not the package installer. IC. And BTW ... I thought you were sick! Go back to bed!
  7. Why doesn't Aslain use a collapsible selection tree again? 80% of the stuff in his mod pack I never use, and apparently I'm not alone. Most the collapsible trees out there, also contain the ability to search them. So idiots like me that can't find that damned mod he moved that highlights your selected tank could be searched for! LMAO! I vote for at least a collapsible tree so I can ignore the stuff I don't use or care about! The search would just be the over the top bonus. Then Aslain could just say, "Search for 'xyz' idiot!"
  8. Yeah, thanks bro ... but it looks like they don't have the one I used to have anymore. There used to be one that gave you thier personal rating as an actual value, and their effectiveness with the tank they are in as an actual value. Now it all seems to be colored blocks and stars. Thanks for the response Aslain, keep up the good work!!!
  9. I have XVM 7.7 installed, I have my data updated on the XVM site, I have 12 days, l21 hours, and 53 minute left on my registered time. I don't see Personal Rating on any of my Panels. I like have the personal ratings, its one of the reasons I have Aslain's mods installed (the Panels) and the WN8/Eff tracking during the fight. I use the Personal Rating to select my target ... you don't get better by fighting people who play worse than you. But I have tried every configuration I can think of in the mods, and Personal Rating just isn't showing up anymore. Help?
  10. Treveri

    Chrome Issues?

    Your right, my bad ... its whining that its an unauthorized file and that it doesn't recognize the author. I'm just gunshy. I just did a reinstall of Windows a couple of weeks ago, and I don't want to have to do it again.
  11. Treveri

    Chrome Issues?

    What the hell guys ... I have Windows Defender telling me there's a virus or malware in the file AFTER I force the download ?????
  12. Yeah, nah, that’s not it, I was experiencing just this morning and I still have 9 days left on my XVM period. i am thinking I have just selected in wrong options when I reinstall. But thank you!!!
  13. I don't want to report this as a bug ... because I'm not sure it is, and there's certainly enough over there in the bug reports forum that are more serious ... but I seem to hang between the match loading screen and the actual battle at times. I end up having to sit through the battle or "deserting" the battle. I hear it give the audio queue that the battle is starting, I just never enter the map. I commented on the Official Forums and of course they told me to lose all mods, try it again ... and if it still didn't work reinstall. So screw it, I just uninstalled the game, deleted the directory to be sure and reinstalled. Played vanilla for 2 full days (I'm retired, so I can do that) and I never had a problem. So I applied Aslain's mod pack ... and sure enough it came back. Now, to be clear, I can play 20 matches, no problem ... then I'll have the problem ... play 10 more no problem ... then I'll have the problem 2 times in a row ... then no problem for 6 more matches. That sort of thing. Anyone else experienced this, or is it a known problem, possible fix or work around? ******************************************* Second question ... I suck as a player!!!! My personal rating floats between 2600 and 2700. When I play, for my own entertainment, I like to try to take out peeps that have a better personal rating than I do. I realize personal rating really isn't important, it just a game I play within the to entertain myself because I suck and I know I'm going to die ... I just want to try to take someone better than me with me!!! LMAO! But over the last week I've notice personal rating has disappeared from my panels ... I've tried several different panel configs but I can't seem to get it back ... did they remove that data from XVM or am I just not finding the right settings (remember I completely uninstalled and reapplied the mods. ????? Thank in advance guys. PS: I'm running Window 10 Home, i7-4770 3.40GHz with 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
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