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  1. in the adult mod cant find the sexy battle result screen was it taken out of over looked?
  2. thank you everyone i don't have the old one in my PC but i will try to find it ... appreciate the input!!
  3. if it was working for some an not for other the mod was not the sole problem......so a blanket affect is not reasonable!!! but thank you for your opinion..an look forward to it coming back ASAP!!!
  4. was good on mine, any chance its gonna come back?
  5. in previous mod packs there was an indicator of someone with in 100 meter on screen in numbers...just wondering where it went...
  6. this is the best i can do rough sample .... the green line emanating from the center sweeps around one complete time to indicate reload time one sweep no matter how long the reload it!! thank you very much for your time!
  7. hello an thanks for all your hard work.... new to your mods tonight will be the first time ive used em... but i do have a question i used deegies sights an a short time ago it change in the regards that there used to be " a sec or min " hand that would sweep the reticle an let you know your reload time ....if you dont use or have it in your mods is there a chance you can lead me to the next best thing in that style thank you Wetw06k
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