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    Zoom: Faster to Instant

    This worked great for a while then suddenly it caused sign-in issues. There's a loading page before it shows your sign-in email address and password entry and would stall at 75% there. When I ran the support-fix it undid these zoomin/zoomout changes and started up normally. Any chance this could be added as a mod so "all this work" could be skipped and errors of this sort are avoided? Feels great with the faster zooming.
  2. Export Single Image of 4 Post-Battle Stats: Create a compilation image of all four post-battle statistics pages. Allow for option of all-horizontal (left to right), all-vertical (top to bottom), or 2x2 grid. Or even all 4 separately or checkbox for "only page: 1/2/3/4". Make a manual and auto-capture option and choice of default Save To directory. Etc.
  3. noobtatokun

    Zoom: Faster to Instant

    Sounds easy...for someone that programs. :/ Um, I guess that's why I'm requesting the mod, heheh, just seeing if it blooms in someone else's mind's eye and they go for it. That said, I have a suite of other inspired mod requests in my post history. Maybe they're just as easy or worthy of the employment of someone's abilities? (really hopes) Cheers.
  4. noobtatokun

    Zoom: Faster to Instant

    Zoom: Faster to Instant; make the animation shorter or non-existant when zooming in and out.
  5. If I were to state it more clearly, the idea is to put the changeable elements like Modules, Upgrades, Consumables, Flags, Camos, Captain Skills, Ship-Armor/Stat-dropdowns all on a single page interface (we've all had to flag-up and add consumables etc before a clan battle and getting it on a single page might speed that up). Then just highlight a change or new potential configuration if you want to make multiple changes including data not shown in game for things like flags/camos, upgrades, and their affect on stats/range/fire%chance, etc ( https://www.wowsft.com/shipStatComparison ). Could really speed up the port interactions.
  6. noobtatokun

    Apply MatchMaking Monitor Data To Overhead Name

    Ah ok, yea there's that direct authorship known for that particular app. There's also the online sites that have stats which run their own PR (Personal Rating) calculation by picking data directly from WoWs (https://na.wows-numbers.com/). I suppose I was just tossing this recommendation out into the ether. So how does this work; kind of like a community billboard for anyone that programs to walk past and pick out an idea if they so choose? I don't want to seem like I'm demanding anything unduly...just thinking up a concept and seeing if it sticks for anyone capable enough to bring it to fruition.
  7. noobtatokun

    Show speed in units of "km/minute"

    So a mod would just state that calculation explicitly. Isn't this what mods are for? If we just said "nah it's fine the way it is"...no one would make mods because we're just supposed to figure one thing or another out or remember everything....
  8. noobtatokun

    Show speed in units of "km/minute"

    Nautical Miles and NM-per-time could be another choice within a mod like this. You could have your preferred rate of speed and distance with this. Knots just seems arbitrary and lacking usefulness other than that it comes out to nice round numbers (20-25-30-etc). But thinking to yourself that you're going "quarter/half/full speed" isn't helpful. Right here you could rather easily understand that, for example, you're within 7km of another BB and want to keep enough space, you'd be better able to gage this with km/min than with knots. A rate of speed of "grid-per-minute" could be used, too, for enemy distance, as well (big chunkin' it!) So the idea behind this is squaring off units so they meaningfully interface with eachother. Km/s would be too granular so km/min would get you right about someplace useful when comparing your own speed to a target's distance away as well as their own assumed/known/perceived speed. Knowing where you or an opponent with X-speed will be on the minimap's grid in a minute or "half that" or "twice that" as quick mental calculations would allow; it'd become second nature; consider this in regard to AP being more effective at a certain distance, so for timing purposes. But with Knots...you can't really intuitively gage how far you'll be able to travel in a certain amount of time. If you can measure a distance to a landmark with your reticle or the minimap's grid, you could tell if you'll be able to reach that point in x amount of time. I still don't think I could tell anyone how far I'd be able to travel, for example, in 2 minutes, or how long it would take to go 4 km around the edge of a called out island. I'm thinking this could tighten up coordination. ***ADDITION*** That said, here's a new mod idea: In the minimap, allow for your cursor to show distance and time to reach the location of your mouse while moving it. It would be a running calculation that updates quickly so you can see exactly how far away any point is in relation to your present location. Sorry for wordiness, I'm just thinking things out and trying to be extra clear; no offense/condescension/etc. meant.
  9. Apply "Matchmaking Monitor" Data To Players' Overhead Name In-Game: show the color of their rating somehow (keep HP bars green/red for teammates/enemies, or use some other differentiator for teammate/enemy while using their Rating color as their HP bar color, etc.) along with a choice of visible overall-WR%/Avgdamage, ship-WR%/Avgdamage, etc.
  10. noobtatokun

    Revise: Info Panel (enemy), possibly (self)

    I'm just looking for a clean and easy-read revision of the available info. Making the (self) and (enemy) Info panels line up in a single box could be the answer for that. Or, just the revisions as stated above. Any critique of this is welcome. Like why this isn't justified for those that use it, etc.
  11. The interface in the Port and inside each ship's info could be cleaned up a lot. Between the modules, the upgrades, the captain skills, and the must-click-to-open-dropdown-menu-for-each-category...., there has to be a cleaner interfacing and interactivity between how all these things appear. This seems like it would be a pretty involving task to streamline all this data and how one thing affects another. Perhaps there could even be a layer of it that allows you to checkbox the ship stats that would be affected by potential changes you are considering making or that you don't have the skills/credits/etc for yet so you can plan ahead. Basically, integrate some of the functionality of this site in-game: https://www.wowsft.com/shipStatComparison Other details like best distance for your chosen ship's AP versus a specific target ship's armor, or a chart. I guess that might take some of the mystique and out-game number-crunching fun for some people but it does allude to a lot of info on their own site. So, basically condensing the implications of the data charts here: https://www.wowsft.com/arty Could be huge! Welcome any critiques.
  12. noobtatokun

    Show speed in units of "km/minute"

    No takers? Any critique of this concept? You have to admit that "knots" don't mate with often seen "km" over ships in the interface. You can't easily or readily make the conversion from knots to km/hour to km/minute (minutes being key here since we're bounded by short battles). Just seems it would be an intuitive and slightly more useful measure knowing how far you'll go on the map with the 5km grid on the minimap.
  13. noobtatokun

    Hide Ribbons or List-ify Ribbons

    No takers? Any insight or critique of this idea? I would think this would intuitively be a great addition with this amount of control of the visualization of these items. Make them scale-changeable for varying UI/screen sizes and you have a winner, I think.
  14. noobtatokun

    Calculator for Ship/Line Grinding

    Mod: A calculator that calculates out how many credits and xp are needed to reach a chosen ship (goal ship and prior ships in line to reach it). Allow view of a list of a ship-line or of a checkboxed specific ship. Then for each, within each line, calculate how many games this would take you to reach based on your specific average XP and credit accumulation per battle for that ship-line or your overall rate. Then calculate out how many days/sessions of play at x-number of games per session that would take; maybe even an arrival-date calculated for when you'll get there if you play all/half/"x" of each session within that line of development towards a ship. It would be a great way to recognize how much gameplay you're going to get out of WoWs and how much time you'll have to invest to get to a particular ship. Make it a full panel view so you can easily visualize the lines, remove lines you don't want in view, etc. Something like a vertical column of: t7/t8/t9/t10:Zao, t8/t9:Tashkent, t5/t6/t7/t8/t9:Lion, etc. Also allow for skipping payment of credits on a ship you want to skip so only XP is figured into the total expenditure. Add in recognition of accumulated free xp you can convert and state how many Doubloons you'd need to convert them perhaps with a price shown for the best deal on doubloons and even required credits for purchasing ships. I'm thinking of how I'll have enough free xp to play with and realize I don't necessarily want to blow it all to get, for example, three t10's for lines I'm already on t9 in that line when I could bring two t6 lines up to t9 so I have more ships closer to t10 without having to grind the lower tiers of lines I'm not so hot about (British BB's...). Would be a real time saver, hate calculating it all.
  15. noobtatokun

    Show speed in units of "km/minute"

    Show speed in units of "km/minute". a-i) I see this as a more intuitive and useful unit since it gives you a sense of how many km's you can travel in a certain time period in relation to enemy km-stated-positions. -------------------------------------- Uncertain of 'legality' or programming-possibility of these: a-ii) This could also be implemented on your own minimap showing you how far you could travel at your present speed, it could even look like a region showing the maximum distance you could reach taking into account the limitation of your ship's specific turning radius, etc. b) You could even apply this to some of the mini-map mods that show the line of travel for a ship you're aiming at. It could apply the start/stop/reverse data, (read speed of each ship? that legal?) and then show visually with a red line on top of the white line how far along that they're going to be in a minute at their present speed, kind of how torpedo-view works. So there could be options for red or colored "line" and "region" type potential travel reach shown on minimap. **** c) ***ADDITION*** Minimap Running Calc of Distance & Time-to-Point shown as part of the mouse cursor using present location as zero-point: It would be a running calculation that updates quickly so you can see exactly how far away any point is in relation to your present location.
  16. Revise the "Info Panel (enemy)" so the info is aligned vertically like a list. -The kerning of the numbers and icons can read a bit of a jumble at times. -The reload time being below the gunrange and torprange would read cleaner, instead of reading from left to right: icon number IcoN nUmber (capitalizing for effect). -The width of the ship name, tier number, and shiptype icon at the top could be tidied up here with the narrowing of the box upon the vertical alignment of the info. In game it seems good but the "Image Preview" in installation makes it look jumbled.
  17. Detected Timer : A "time until concealment" timer. Make timer/numbers movable; perhaps make it like the Score Timer boxes. Make it yellow and flash with black background for that "subconscious" recognition of it when active. Nothing too obnoxious or high-contrast (light flicker?) but slightly more visible than the thin letters of the present Detected Timer. Perhaps make an in-game option for choosing flicker-speed and colors for numbers and background. "Effect": Put red-fuzzy outline around screen, recedes/thins as you get closer to concealment; a subtle screen-framing effect that lets you know you're spotted without looking at the "Detected!" popup (or at the Detected Timer box recommended above). Make an in-game option for how pronounced, thick, transparent, etc. the effect is since it'll be active when ships are most likely shooting at you and should serve more as an indicator than a distraction.
  18. noobtatokun

    Hide Ribbons or List-ify Ribbons

    A) Hide Ribbons: ribbons always end up covering part of my "at the top: class panel v1" B) Make List of Ribbons: 1) a simple whitetext list like the Detailed Damage Meter and/or 2)thin colored bars that stack vertically on the right side of screen (where the default sidepanel might be; I hide sidepanels so that space is empty; perhaps make it a on-off list via button). Numbers would show inside colored bar representing ribbon, "maybe number:ribbon-type" in thin colored bar so it could be read without requiring hover-mouse. I suppose this could be done in conjunction with a longer hangtime on the penetration info icons that pop up as they appear in the same region of screen. Maybe list-ify that info, too.
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