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  1. The best !Thanks for all you do.
  2. Thanks for the help I will try it out when 1.4 drops.
  3. Mostly having your tank information off set to the side providing a very clean open reticle/crosshair is my interest. Description says there are 8 center points. It is very similar to predator in appearance. Curious to see if it gets added to pack. don't really want to run it solo without it being part of an installer. It takes me days to download things and even backing things up first I am very cautious about overwriting replacing files. So I rely on the expert.. Aslain
  4. could this crosshair be evaluated and possibly added to the mod pack please looks interesting and Andre_V had input into it. Here is a link to the crosshair/sight http://wotsite.net/pritsely/11272-pritsely-krug-dlya-wot.html thank you for your time and consideration on this
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