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  1. Hello somebodey have other ideea or another mod?
  2. I know this but the problem its not stable for all tanks. its working just first battle with all tanks and second battle and more stay save
  3. And im try it edited with notped some files and not working Can you create it or you have ideea with other simple Mark of excellences?
  4. I do not know what it is. please if you can help me ask you please
  5. but you can say it for resolve it this bug?. >>Speak him with the author?
  6. but in the your old modpack you have the simple mark of excelence thats i need them you have it?
  7. Hello Aslain can resolv this what im say?
  8. i have a problem with this mod mark of Excellence calculator. In game to mod+preferences settings im set to UI in battle @Circon choice [twitch.tv/circon] this profile i prefer it. And the problem is when select other tanks, playing with other tanks, or close the game, this (Profile) UI in battle automatic change in @Skill4atu choice [twitch.tv/skill4tu] how can stop it?
  9. I dont see in the last your Modpack the mark of excellences calculator option pls can show me who is?
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