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  1. One of the most useful mods was the one that showed how much time remained to victory for each side based on cap point accumulation. It's still missing. I notice that in ModStation there's still a checkbox for it but it is grayed out, so I assume there's a serious problem getting it working. Any prognosis for its return? BTW I like the idea of still displaying non-functioning mods; I was losing my mind over this until I thought to check ModStation, where it's clear the mod is still non-functional because it's grayed out and not selectable.
  2. That may be, but I assure you that turning off Session Stats cured this problem for me, which was happening at the end of virtually every match. There may indeed be an underlying problem that manifests itself in other ways, but if you are plagued by this problem, try turning off Session Stats. It works. Symptoms of the problem I had: long delays at the end of every match before being dropped into port without seeing the Battle Results screen. Clicking on the results digest from the button on the lower right of the results screen sometimes fails to even bring up the results, claiming the battle occurred in another session. If you are having this problem and have Session Stats enabled, turn it off and the bad behavior will stop.
  3. There are two variants in Aslain's mod pack. No idea who the author is, but most are done by Lesta devs.
  4. For the last few patches many folks have reported problems with the Battle Results screen not displaying and sometimes when you click on the battle summary from port it says the battle wasn't in the current session. Turning off Session Stats prevents this problem. See this Reddit post for more info:
  5. I have no feasible way to prove there's a bug, as a practical matter I can't add up all ship HP. But I assure you my side always starts with more HP. Whoever is the dev should look at the code.
  6. I've noticed that the team I'm on always has more HP shown than the opposition, which is obviously not right. Is there some counting bug involved, such as counting the user's ship's HP twice?
  7. ...for some ships. Look at Z35 for instance.
  8. ...I needed to mod the config file to get a higher frame rate.
  9. wows-monitor isn't able to find a game if this mod is on. wows-monitor seems to find games by looking for a new WOWSREPLAY file in the replays folder, and Versioned Replays seems to insert 0.9.8 games in its subdirectory for that version. This seems to be new breakage in 0.9.8. Possibly it's a new version problem with wows-monitor, but for whatever reason the two don't work together now: when I turned off Versioned Replays the replay filers started appearing at the top level of the replay folder and wows-monitor started working.
  10. Looks like Lesta removed in 0.9.8 the sweet Hamburg port lighting that was introduced for the German CV event. Hope someone can add it back in as an option via the modpack. @Manacetamol
  11. Messes up the bottom of the menu it modifies.
  12. Something else is going on. I'm using _05 and I've turned the FPS limiter in the config file up to 100 FPS and I have no problems with the navigator bar. Update: now using _06, still no problem with Navigator Bar when manually editing the FPS limit to 100.
  13. ...and breaks the newly released UI functionality. Needs to be fixed or turned off.
  14. Thanks for adding it back in, much appreciated. I'd be happy to take over maintenance of the mod if the author wants some help. I assume it's just about editing in new ships...
  15. As a user of it, it's still very useful as is. The reason I like it is because it highlights the team's class breakdown by color at a glance. Even with the missing ships it works, because they stand out as newly added ships in the mix. It's so important to me that I'm not going to update using your pack again. I also just noticed that ModStation still offers it, so I guess that's my alternative.
  16. Additionally, it'd be great if you could add the Roma skin that overrides the "beer can".
  17. This is the only contour set I like. Please restore it or I will cancel my Patreon.
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