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  1. Hello Quaksen and Theolitius. Thank you for pointing out the option to "Display server selection upon game launch" on the bottom left of the 'General' tab in Game Settings. I placed a check in the box for this option and I am (once again) able to select the server that I want to log into during client start-up. Thanks again for responding to my original issue.
  2. Hi Aslain. I just finished installing Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. and in the options section, I UNCHECKED (DESELECTED) the option to "Enable Auto-login to the game". I play on the US Central and SA servers. I have always UNCHECKED (DESELECTED) the option to "Enable Auto-login to the game" in the past and when I start the game client (in the past) I would get a drop down box that shows the US Central server and the SA server. I would select one of these two and then I would be logged into that server which I selected. After installing Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. and UNCHECKING (DESELECTING) the option to "Enable Auto-login to the game", I am automatically logged into the US Central server. This behavior was different in the past installations of your Mod Pack in that I was presented with a drop down box and then I selected which server (US Central or SA) I wanted to log into. I have attached a screenshot of the "Enable Auto-login to the game" option that I am referring to. Would you please take a look into this issue? Thanks. And Thank You so much for all of the hard work you put into creating and updating your Wonderful Mod Packs!
  3. Hi Aslain. I just installed your World of Tanks Mod Pack v1. and have discovered a few issues. 1. I selected "crosshair: Taipan" in the "Crosshairs" section in the "[Crosshair Mods]" section. There is NO Aim Circle in battle at all. All my shots are blind shots. 2. I selected "animated icon: Illuminati" in the "animated icon" section in the "[Sixth Sense non-XVM]" section. There is NO Animated Illuminati Sixth Sense icon during battle. 3. Can you return the "Julie Voice Pack" to the "Crew voice sounds" section? I like Julie's voice so much better than the other crew voices. Thanks so much for all of your hard work to create/support/maintain your Mod Pack for World of Tanks. I hope this information that I am providing for you helps you to weed out the bugs and errors in the various Mods contained in your WoT Mod Pack. If I find any other issues, I'll report those to you as well.
  4. Hi Aslain. I download and use your modpack and I absolutely love it. You do outstanding work. I did notice one little problem though. When selecting "[Panels & Windows (in battle)]" -> "Panels by Aslain" -> "Players Panel" -> "Medium panels (default)" -> "Medium: full player's names" What I see in battle is the tank name instead of the player's name. The tank icons appear correctly in one column. But the column where I expect to see the player's name, there appears the tank name instead. So I see the tank name twice. Once in the icon and once again just to the left of the icon in the column where I would like to see the player's name but instead I see the tank name again. Is this something that you can fix? Thank you so much for all of your hard work in providing your fantastic modpack!
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