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  1. Thank you for the clarification; I have changed it as you said. However, under the /Bin64 folder, I found another preferences.xml file, with different information, including this : <lobby_values> <port_preset> ocean </port_preset> <port_preset_custom /> <i_dont_like_premium_port> true </i_dont_like_premium_port> <i_dont_like_twitch_port> false </i_dont_like_twitch_port> <i_dont_like_azurlane_port> true </i_dont_like_azurlane_port> <i_dont_like_arc_port> false </i_dont_like_arc_port> <port_preset_custom> Black_Hole </port_preset_custom> My question is: Should I remove <port_preset_custom> Black_Hole </port_preset_custom> from that file, or is your orphan tag solution designed only to empty the value of port_preset_custom before the client tries to set it to the user's port choice? The reason I ask is that I'm wondering whether I need to search my computers for any other prefrences.xml files tied to WoWS installations (Public Test, for example) and remove the custom port line from them all.
  2. You sure that / is in the right place, mate? Generally / means ignore or end the following, which means the > would be ignored, resulting in port_preset_custom not being recognised. I have no experience with this API whatsoever, so this could be a completely idiotic misassociation made in ignorance of the preference.xml syntax, in which case I apologise.
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