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  1. Issue still present... almost no result are viewable
  2. Title pretty much covers it. 50% of the time, the results wont display after battle and if you try to summon it from notifications, it displays Battle result not available at the moment or something like that in your language.. Could you look into that?
  3. Hello everyone. When I download the modpack, the file gets suspended by the Windows defender. This is usual, so I unlock it and then it gets suspended by antivirus engine, which is not usual, so even when I unlock it with antivirus engine, the file doesn't load. It does nothing. Is it just me? I tried downloading from all available mirrors.
  4. Since today it is no longer possible to view results of the battle. Either it shows no information available after battle - blank window with text, or when you try to open the result from notification, click detailed information, the game gets stuck on "gathering information" and has to be shut down by alt+f4. Can you please repair that? :)
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