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  1. Please find the updated Simplified Chinese translation WoT_cn_translation_1.6.0.0_08.ini
  2. Thanks for your help, Aslain and Quaksen. After diligent work, I guess I have already done improving the simplified Chinese translation, and compliing new version. I upload here and ask you for detecting any potential mistakes. If there is any mistake, please contact me for future correction. If it is ready for publish, I would focus on Chinese feedback and keep improving the translation for a certain time, as long as I have spare time. Also I updated the readme file a bit, to inform Chinese users of Chinese feedback channel, since a lot of them don't have patience to read a lot of English. Thanks a lot! readme_cn (1).rtf WoT_cn_translation_1.5.0.4_07.ini
  3. I am a rookie here and I would like to help improve CN translation, as the last update was almost 2 years ago. If I start from very beginning, does it mean that I shall just download the latest english version .ini file, and transfer every english entry into Chinese and compile a CN file?
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