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  1. So, new reasons: - I uninstalled the game today - after it I installed it via GameCenter - then I downloaded the newest version oft the mod from official WoT mod hub and installed it - I had the same problem again I couldn't make a log.zip becouse I uninstalled the mod but didn't save the logs... :( I've only screenshots from the problem (in hungarian):
  2. I tried to change to Solo's modpack with the same result. I think I'll reinstall the game....
  3. So... I tried with the newest update... it had the same result. Attached the logfiles: Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. The same issue! Integrity check done... Attached the ZIP file Edit: 1) I know, I didn't the update to the newest version, but it was the same result with #05 2) It should be something general wrong: I tried with an other mod (Solo's mod) and there I had the same issue. (Bug reported there too) I hope this author finds the reason. 3) I tried it without XVM too with the same result. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. I have the same problem... When I started a 2nd battle (if I'm death in the first) and I finished the 2nd I can1t reach the reason of the first. BUT I think is's not the problem of this mod. I tried with an other one with the same reason. Now I play without mods... I'm waitig for the solution. Best regards!
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