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  1. Not a mod request, sorry. Pleae put anywhere else if wrong here. Aslain, thanks so much for the awesome job you do <3 Ever thought about making the installer itself more convienent? For me that would be: - A way to filter by extracting/folding in certain sections. By example i never use sound mods or textures. If i could just skip that section by folding it in would make the job so much faster - A search field ( i searched a long time until i finally found the gun markers mod a t the very bottom yesterday for example) - Variable size of the window - I dont care about the wight, but would like to make it longer Ps.: Is it ok to start the game while its extracting clansymbols zip? This for some reasons always takes like 5 mins at the end for my PC Cheers and Love, Sagnose
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