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  1. I think it has something to do with the anonymizer. It was working fine for me, xvm i mean, until I decided to try anonymizer, after that even after disabling anonymizer and deleting the files in %appdata% and even reinstalling Aslain's modpack, xvm ingame still won't show. :(
  2. Finally able to install and play! :) reinstalling Windows 10 did the trick for me :) I am also now able to access ingame store and advent calendar missions and offers etc. :) Thanks all!
  3. Thanks again, man. But my pc is the one with firewall turned off, so I really don't understand. Mine would also have the more complete apps like .net framework, Microsoft visual basics, etc. I might try to reformat later if I have time :(
  4. Thanks man and no, I dont have other anti virus software...btw I just found out its not with my ISP as I was able to install it on another pc(laptop) but I cant play the game there due to low gpu issues :(
  5. I have sent the screens to WG support, unfortunately it's the 2nd day now still no response. :( Btw, are you able to instruct me how to check if there's something blocking the connection? Thanks man :)
  6. I uninstalled WOT and WGC inorder to do a fresh install. Reason I did this is that I have been unable to access the ingame store since the tanks for bonds started. Before that I was even to swap my premium tanks like the AMX M4 49 for the Lowe for gold as well as my Alpine Tiger for the T54 mod1. Now when I try to install the WGC to install WOT, it gives an error "unable to download Wargaming.net Game Center. Please check your internet connection." things I did to troubleshoot 1. Ran it as admin 2. checked folder permissions are allowed 3. restarted almost 5 times 4. turned off Firewall and Windows defender Nothing seemed to work. Please anyone, help me please. I attached the screenshots for the error including that of the WGchecker the support team instructed me to use and failed as well. :(
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