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  1. Installed the latest modpack v1.10.0.1 #05 and now working again. Thanks for a great mobpack!
  2. When starting battle the game does not load properly. I can see the timer ticking etc. but tanks do not load and the interface does not work. After restarting the client (alt-f4), the game loads correctly straight to battle and can be played with all the mods installed. Logs attached. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. v1.7.0.1 #04 there is something wrong with the installer or the PogS icon pack; only few icons are actually shown in-game. Can you check the installer and the icon pack... with #03 it otherwise worked, but without the new tanks of course.
  4. Now that WG anonymazer is coming and stats in battle is going to be "history", can you consider making an option for the installer to have all the in battle placeholders removed (panels, batteloading, overthetarget markes etc.).
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