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  1. It's all good Aslain!!! I do appreciate the extra pair of eyes and shall see on experimenting with your suggestion. Again, thank you for your assistance
  2. Good afternoon everyone, I am reaching out as latelly, I have been experiencing the game crashing to desktop (very randomly) when I am loading into a round. I then have to quickly re-launch WoT and wich will plop me into the game that was loading up and crashed on me. Sadly, once the round ends, the game will just hang and never get me back into the garage... Prior to starting to play today, I deleted the python.log and as soon as I crashed, launched the Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe. Attached is the log files and hope someone from the team can assist in identifying the issue. Thanks in advance!!! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Looking at the Modpacks WoT main page, none has been updated as of yet anyways... We just have to sit back and wait for things to trickle down... But I do agree, I sure miss my ASLAIN features as the game is just not the same without them.
  4. Even pressing the SPACEBAR while in game, no options come up or taken.
  5. Thanks for the reply @Aslain How do we trigger this "menu" configurator then for either mods? I am unable to locate this anywhere hence why I created this thread. Is the "Menu" option broken/missing?
  6. Wondering if there is any way and how to configure the "Repair" mods by either Izeberg or Protanki. I'm not seeing any MOD MODIFICATION options under the ESC from game lobby Regrettably a search online nor on Asilain returned any results on how to program these mods nor what keys to use in order to trigger them. Thanks in advance.
  7. Just getting back from from a mini trip. Thank you Aslain for all the hard work you put into this MOD PACK
  8. Just noticed the Destroyed White Tank skin neither. Component 1212 Thanks
  9. Good afternoon, Just a heads up that since v1.7.0.2 #05 and todays update, the minimap images mod by ShuraBB nor Images Only are working. I have tried uninstalling your mod and reinstalling with no success. Component 1243, 1246, and 1249 Thanks in advance
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