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  1. Snyrren

    Top 10 in battle results

    Thank you for your reply Quaksen. Unfortunately I don't use the YasenKrasen mod. Maybe someday a modder out there could create a mod that meet my specification
  2. Snyrren

    Top 10 in battle results

    Hi, Since most missions requires you to be top 10, I wonder if there is a mod that distinguish the top 10 from the bottom 5 in the result screen? If you happen to be at 9th-11th place it's somewhat hard to see. Maybe a thick line or if top 10 is marked green-ish and bottom 5 is red-ish Best regards Snyrren
  3. I can't find the original source of the mod, so I can't really be sure that it is a "bug". When I use the Standard crosshair with better timer it doesen't show how many shells I have in the drum when driving an autoloader.
  4. Snyrren

    Minimap view range circles

    So what you are saying is that the Dynamic viewrange (blue) only jumps to 445m(max) when binos is activated? Well, by looking at the gif, it seems like it's working as I would like it to work. The blue circle jumps from dark blue to cover the white circle.
  5. Snyrren

    Minimap view range circles

    Interesting! But it doesn't explain why the Blue circle don't cover the white when binos is activated. (Or if it does, I don't get it! )
  6. Snyrren

    Minimap view range circles

    According to the description in the installer the Blue circle is "Show dynamic view range circle (Blue)" and the White circle is "Show view range circle while standing (White"... From what I can remember the blue circle has always covered the white circle when binos activated before... And it's very noticable
  7. Hi, There is a difference between the 'tanks current' max viewrange (white) circle and the dynamic (blue) circle when standing still and binos is activated. Is this a bug or an issue with settings?
  8. Hej, Why is the "OTM -> The main text field -> Vehicle contour icon" unchecked after every update? All of the other previously selected items, that I checked last time i ran the installer, are there (like the OTM -> Shadow intensity -> strong shadow"). I keep forgetting to check that box :P //Snyrren
  9. Snyrren

    Vehicle Exp Extended by spoter

    Lol... Found how to change it after reading some epic threads in this forum on how to edit the specific files. edit: \res_mods\configs\spoter_mods\vehicle_exp_extended\vehicle_exp_extended.json change "free_xp_calculate": true," to false. But it would be sweet if that was an option in the installer ;)
  10. Hey, Is it possible to have the "Vehicle Exp Extended by spoter" calculate the xp needed without adding the free xp? Most of my tanks says that modules or the next tank can be researched, but that's because I have saved alot of free xp. Now it's quite useless for me and those who has alot of free xp. Better to see regular xp "cost" and add the free xp yourself. And I really like this version vs. the one who pops up a few seconds when you switch tanks. Thanx again for your great modpack! //Snyrren
  11. Snyrren

    Installer preview

    Hey, Could you please return the preview in the installer to it's previous state? I usually have the picture preview open but I close the description.
  12. Snyrren


    Do you meen the grayed out dots, % and dashes showing WN8, winrate, etc. for you the other players? It would be nice to be able to hide that. I would like the country flags to be displayed tho', but I guess you need to activate XVM for that. Example from wot forum:
  13. Give this man a cookie!
  14. Snyrren

    Max draw range SPG

    I would say by default ;)
  15. Snyrren

    Max draw range SPG

    Thank you!!
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