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  1. Hello Aslain, do you think it´s possible to create with XVM an In-Battle marking of tanks that are missing for tank expert? Like the bulb in tank panel for spotted or not spotted. What do you think? Rgds.
  2. Thanks, perfect. I totally forgot this switch in the game settings.
  3. Hello Aslain, thx for your great modpack. I use your 3D icons with arab tiers, but the roman tiers are still displayed. It looks like an overlay on the icons. Can you implement a switch in your installer to get rid of them? Please check the picture to see what I mean. Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work. Rgds. RobCraven
  4. Hello Aslain, a free cam for replays would be nice. Thanks.
  5. Hello Aslain, I try to describe my request in a different way. I only want the carousel to move only if I want it to move it with my mouse. It may not move if I click any tank. Is that possible? Best Regards
  6. Hello Aslain, is it possible to implement a function in the installer for the tank carousel to choose focusing or not focusing the carousel on the current tank? I hope you understand what I mean. Great work of your modpack, tried some different but went back to yours. I would appreciate if you could re-include BRR and ATS of ActiveDossierUploader. Best regards
  7. I think you´re right, the OTM´s look awesome but for the gameplay .... i think they´re simply too big
  8. Hello Aslain, another request: Is it possible to integrate OTM by atmaxx and as well horizontal and vertical panels also by atmaxx?
  9. Hello Aslain, my request: Could you please put BRR and ATS by vbaddict back in the installer. Thanks.
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