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  1. Game is crashing with mods installed. Have deinstalled mods and game appears stable at present. Can you look at the logs and try to see what is happening? WoT_report.wgc
  2. Aslain, seems to have fixed itself with the reload, thanks for your time.
  3. game client corrupted, checked antivir and yes I am admin. Reloading game
  4. Ran WG Check over my system it picked up damaged files, fixing them now
  5. Also I noticed that the tank carousel icons for German, American, swedish, Polish, Russian and British are not applying camo. French, chinese and czech ones are. Thanks Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Aslain, I get a mod package error saying hawg_battlevehiclemarkers.wotmod' not loaded. When I go into battle using your panel I have lost the tank icon column (it is just blank). Also on the minimap I don't get any icons, just names. These all happened after was loaded. Are they related. Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe Soz python log below python.log
  7. The results window shows when High Calibre, Gores Medal and Confederate are awarded. Seems to be just related to Top Gun.
  8. Aslain, I have noticed that the Tomonik Session Stats and Battle Results window does not display when you receive the Top Gun award, Has happened the last 5 times I got Top Gun. It simply just does not appear in the results window. I have not noticed it doing the same for other awards so am unsure whether it is simply related to the top gun award. Does not seem to happen for the other battle results mods.
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