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  1. Problem was solved by unchecking WOT Tweaks mod (strangely it appeared twice in list - have no idea why).
  2. Game crashing (without any error message) after hitting battle - the list of players is displayed, but when it should switch to battle view it just crashes to desktop. python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  3. Thank you... will try it,,, will also probably mess up everything - hahaha... but well... I'll try it... LATER EDIT: To my surprise it worked just great (well, had to activate the minimap alt mode too in hotkeys.xc, but it worked). :D
  4. I know that XVM has an "alt" version for map... Now you know the minimap feature to show vehicle name and optional player name... that means that both those information exist... What would be really cool would be an option to show vehicle name normal, while on pressing alt key (or a key) vehicle name to be changed with player name... Would that be possible? If yes, do you know any mod, config that does that? If yes, can we pretty please have it too? Please Aslain ;;) Please ;;)
  5. It was not that one... it was another one which let it loose just normal, but could right click without being with mouse right on tank. I think it was this one: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/441413-095-autoaim-indication but problem is that this one has another camera,pyc and dunno which one to select... it was sooo cool when it was in the package. :( Pls bring it back :(
  6. Pls reenable (even as optional) Autoaim indication (the one where you just right clicked in the area and he autoaimed closest enemy) - it tremendous helped me and I considered it by far the most helpful mode I ever encoutnered. Please offer us the chance to install it again! Pretty please! ;;)
  7. Check last installer version - Aslain says clear the same - that is client language flag :P
  8. Have no idea - but I guess others too...
  9. Well, I'm pretty sure that's the way they know what country flag to display... otherwise I'm even more sure that they do not broadcast your IP or something so they can determine the country. :) Plus I did an experiment - played with English - got EU flag, switched to Romanian - got RO flag, switched back to English - got EU flag again. :)
  10. Idea is not to show it to me, but to "broadcast" it to others so people encountering me on the battlefield knows I'm Romanian. :)
  11. Hi! Is quite a silly thing to ask, but still have to try... Do you know of any mod which enables me to change my client's language (so it shows my country flag on the new xvm), but actually keep the language as English? Or can it be done manually? Guess is probably something as simple as changing a file name from texts_en to texts_ro or so?
  12. Yeah, I thought that this should be the way, but don't really know how to do it... and I am afraid to not mess it up. :( Was more like hopeing for a step by step guide. :( What I was thinking was something like - create a directory res_mods, in it create a directory xvm, in it a directory configs, in it a directory Aslain - in that directory put both file - create a zip file containing this (the directory structure and the two files) - copy the zip file in the Aslains_Custom_mods directory But I am afraid that it may be wrong and I could mess up things... :(
  13. Just wanted to say thank you... for creating and maintaining this wonderful pack - it makes my game live way nicer and easier. :) Big thank you and lots of hugs, Aslain! :)
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