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  1. Installed, but still getting stuck on the same loading window shown in the first post.
  2. Hi there, I have similar problem with auto camo. I think it applies to both custom and preset camo. I'll demonstrate it on following situation: Let's say I have Tiger and Maus and I apply camo to Tiger and play battle with it. Then I want to play with Maus and apply camo to it but I can't see the camo - I have to click on Tiger, which unequips the camo from it, then click on Maus and after that I can see the camo and apply it to Maus. Then it goes the same, mod does not remember the choice for Tiger and the camo keeps being on Maus.. so I have to click on Maus, then on Tiger and then I have to equip it again even though the mod should remember it was equiped before. To be clear, that happens when both tanks are in garage ready to battle and it is happening since the preset-style-problem update. Thank you...
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